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The introduction of a new technology, on-boarding new team members, broadening internal knowledge, educating your customers – training and course materials are high in demand, and Flint is ready to help your company take on the challenge.

In today’s fast-changing world, acquiring new knowledge is a continuous journey. Effective and engaging training and course materials are at the heart of any successful training; developing such materials is often a big challenge. Anyone who is an avid learner knows – if the materials do not draw you in, you lose interest quicker, and new knowledge may vaporise within minutes.

Content Development Done Right

Flint develops technical courses and learning materials for some of the world’s biggest service providers and vendors. Through the years, we’ve learned that any good content development journey starts with listening closely to our customers’ needs and goals.

Every content development project starts with a thorough analysis. What are the learning objectives? What knowledge and skills need to be acquired? How will the learners’ knowledge be assessed? Who are the learners, and what is their skill level? Are there any existing training resources? Why do or don’t they work?

“Open communication is key in the process of developing effective course material. We approach each project individually as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our customers value our commitment to dive into any subject and understand their objective before presenting them with a detailed plan for each content development project. Through the years, we’ve been able to forge lasting relationships with our customers, who count on us to deliver high-quality products,” Nina Hudnik, Managing Director of Flint SI, proudly emphasis on Flint’s success.

Hands-On Experience and In-Sync Development

Most of our customers have in-house subject matter experts (SMEs) but lack the experience, skills, resources, or time to develop learning materials. Flint prides itself on an exceptional team of in-house SMEs and architects, instructional and graphic designers, content developers, technical instructors, project managers and engineers. Training and course content is curated and developed by engineers with hands-on and real-life experience, understanding the importance of learning materials that draw learners in.

Our in-house Quality Assurance, Design and MultiMedia department (QADMM) consists of technically versed experts who dive into the subject matter and also understand the technical jargon. Why is this important? Only when content designers truly understand the subject, they are able to create compelling learning materials that help learners comprehend the subject and advance their knowledge.

Content Development is an Ongoing Journey

We see every content development project as a partnership. Our partners expect a job well-done, that helps them reach their objectives and doesn’t disrupt their workflow. Regular updates keep them informed about the progress of each project stage and build trust,” Nina describes the project process.

What can our customers expect from us? We deliver comprehensive content development services that include, but are not limited to high-level design, detailed design, conceptual content development, hands-on or virtual lab exercise development, template and style guide creation, followed by multi-media production (simulations, animations, audio narration and editing, videos, interactive videos, and interactive assessments). This supports the creation of educational Instructor-Led Training (ILT) that can be delivered in person or remote, as well as E-Learning and self-paced training. Partnering with Flint means getting an all-around high-quality solution.

“Based on detailed customers analysis and feedback, we are always searching for new and innovative ways to improve our products. Our team is continually educating itself on new solutions and market trends to ensure a great learning experience. We are also partnering with great external contractors that help us shorten our ramp-up time. This is one of our most valued assets, as often customers need materials to be ready fast, and quality should never suffer,” Nina emphasis.

Supporting Customers to Gain Critical Advantage

Whenever a new solution enters the market, there is a short window of opportunity for early adopters to gain a critical advantage over competitors. Flint’s close relationship with the world’s biggest vendors enables us to support customers in gaining this critical advantage. We offer pre-sales and post-sales training as well as mentored installation services on the latest solutions. With our assistance clients are able to quickly respond to customer requests, take full advantage of IT-solutions, and optimise their investment.

“Mentored installation services are a great way to combine product training and the implementation of solutions then and there. Companies’ employees are able to adopt new knowledge quickly, and end-customers engagements can be already part of this,” Nina elaborates on this service.

“Putting customers’ needs at the centre of our endeavours has made Flint the first choice of many renowned companies when it comes to learning services and solutions. They know that they can count on us for excellent products as well as top-notch customer services.”

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