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Accelerating New Technology Adoption at Cisco Impact

For the second year running, Flint was delighted to be invited as one of the […]

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Flint’s Ongoing Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion in South Africa

BBB-EE Recertification Flint is proud to announce that Flint South Africa has renewed its Level […]

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Becoming a DevOps Expert at Flint

It started at a bouldering gym The whole journey started with my friend Martin Sopotnik […]

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Flint’s Orchestration Team at Cisco’s DevDays in Stockholm – what have we learnt?

As Flint has recently co-sponsored Cisco’s Automation Developer Days in Stockholm, Flint’s network orchestration team […]

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What is Instructor-Led Training (ILT)?

ILT vs. eLearning With ever-evolving learning needs come various delivery method options for training, and […]

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Data Centre Mentored Install Network Training (MINT) by Flint

Flint offers a range of services designed to reduce cost, accelerate new technology reduction, and […]

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