Supporting Your Personal Development Throughout the Lockdown

Spring 2020 saw a large increase in the global workforce working from home. During these difficult times, employers (and employees) have made this time as productive as possible and a 130% increase in learning has been experienced1.

Technical experts have, notably, been developing their skills in the increasingly important area of Dev Net during the lockdown. These skills will become imperative and highly sought after as ICT networks increase in both complexity and the blend of multi-vendor software increases.

As Domen Draznik, Sales Director of Flint SI said; “A modern network is an extraordinarily complex technical environment, in which multiple software solutions are integrated. Customers are looking for a balance between speed, flexibility and stability increasing the importance of having engineers trained and fully capable of mastering all technological aspects of this sophisticated environment. The best networks will be created by the most talented engineers making the sum of the parts work flawlessly together.”

Domen noted; “We hope our recent investment in creating learning services for Dev Core and Dev Associate for Cisco will support this market demand and deliver engineers fully capable of handling highly programmable software and helping the end customer differentiate”.

Flint’s Learning Services team provides Content Creation, Training Delivery and Mentored Installation services to support new product introduction and continuous improvement.

Flint Learning Services Data Sheet

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