Flint Tiger Teams: Solving Customer’s Complex Challenges with Specialised Technical Teams

Throughout its history, Flint has been known for addressing customer problems head-on, taking it upon themselves to solve these challenges and support clients in focusing on their core business. Flint’s North American team has now developed a new service that specifically caters to the requirements of one of our key strategic customers. Its successful implementation has already piqued the interest of other partners, and we are looking to expand this service across our client portfolio.

For nearly 25 years, Flint’s core business has been supporting our clients with strategic resources. Having an open ear for our partners needs and challenges has proven to be the cornerstone of our and their success. So, when one of clients approached us with the need for a fixed and predictable staffing model for their project deployments, Flint provided a solution that cut staffing and training costs, while delivering high-quality technical support.

Flint Tiger Teams: Equipped to Deliver

Flint Tiger Teams are specialized technical teams that execute projects on behalf of our clients. They act as an extension of the customer’s workforce, with all management and administrative responsibilities fully outsourced to Flint. This allows customers to focus on their core business instead of the time-consuming process of workforce management.

What are Tiger teams traditionally?

Tiger teams, also known as task forces or SWAT teams, are small, cross-functional groups assembled to solve complex problems, develop new products or services, or drive innovation within an organisation.

Our first Flint Tiger Team has been assembled under the watchful eye of Flint North America’s country manager, Colin Levey, to serve one of our key global customers. This client has outsourced the provision and management of its field services organization to us.

Under Colin’s leadership, the team provides turnkey services that include:

  • Sourcing technical engineers with the appropriate skills
  • Interview screening and selection
  • Onboarding as full-time Flint employees
    • Including appropriate benefits, state-specific registrations, and reporting based on their home state
  • Training
    • Instructor-led boot camp
  • Tooling and enablement
  • Travel management and support
  • Performance management
  • Identification and adoption of best practices
  • Timesheet and expense management
  • Compliance and additional training where required

This worry-free service also includes providing necessary tools and resources, such as laptops, software licenses, optical scopes, power meters, label printers, and hand tools for live power environments. We also provide initial consumables and track these for project replenishment as needed.

Ready to Go When Our Clients Need

As part of the onboarding process, team members receive full support, including registration on relevant Flint IT, HR, payroll, and expense management platforms. They are also provided with company credit cards and briefed on reimbursement, per diem, and travel policies. This ensures they are fully prepared to act promptly when needed, alleviating any concerns about upfront investments, which are managed and covered by Flint.

Once the engineer has been assessed and has completed all mandatory training to the customer’s satisfaction, they are assigned to projects by the customer’s resource management team. We facilitate communication between the project manager and the assigned resource(s) to ensure that travel plans align with project timelines and adhere to customer policies. When necessary, we handle booking the engineer’s travel, rental vehicles, and shipment of required tooling concurrently, especially if flights are impractical, allowing the engineer to focus on their responsibilities without logistical concerns.

Let Flint Handle Your Concerns

Our Flint Tiger Teams service allows customers to access a highly skilled field force whenever needed, ensuring they always have the right tools and the right engineers with the necessary skills in the right place at the right time. Additionally, this arrangement is off-balance sheet, meaning customers do not have an army of engineers and the associated costs on their books.

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