Supporting the Transition to Contractor-Based Employment

In some cultures, we tend to think of time as linear whilst in others, time is considered cyclic. Seasons follow one another and so it is in life, there are highs and lows, peaks and throughs.

It’s the same in business. Most organisations go through cycles of restructuring their talent pool. They undergo periods of expansion and contraction.

It’s not surprising then, that organisations, in their desire to improve market position and profitability, eventually face cost-cutting pressures and typically face the decision to downsize, so they can keep up with the demand of innovation. However, recruiting new staff is expensive, stressful and time-consuming.

At Flint, we work with several companies that, from time to time, go through the cycle of downsizing the full-time workforce, only to re-hire some of them as contractors, at a later stage.

With the right support, contract engagements can mutually benefit both, companies and candidates.

For companies looking to rehire employees, benefits include faster onboarding, cultural fit and retention of key skills, critical for the success of future projects.

For candidates, making the transition to a contractor-based model of employment can lead to better compensation, more flexibility and an expanded skillset.

For engineers setting up as first-time contractors, the world can be a daunting place. Flint’s experience in supporting this transition can make the step outside of corporate life an exciting and rewarding one.

Flint is unrelenting in our quest for bringing together employees and organisations who complement each other. We form unique partnerships and build technically skilled and high performing teams.

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