Recruitment: Finding the Right Candidates With AI, Automation and a Lot of Experience

Frequently the recruitment of both permanent and contingent workers is full of frustrations, for both the candidates and the hirer. At Flint, we support our clients to reach their objectives faster and without the obligatory headaches.

Flint has a long history of delivering specialist technical resources by being different. Our company is deeply rooted within the ICT community with Flint starting its journey as an engineering company. Through this, Flint had a true insight into the market; our managers could technically assess the candidates, and truly understand our clients.

As the number of clients, we supported, grew, technology moved forward, more requirements came, and Flint saw accelerated growth with our international expansion. Our clients benefit by allowing them to scale up for projects whilst counting on Flint’s expertise in supplying resources.

Saving Time and Money

The candidate experience delivered by Flint uses AI, insights, automation, and dedicated points of contact to provide a service with better outcomes.

The right combination of intelligence, people, and AI actively enhances Flint’s effectiveness when searching for candidates. It’s about the right mix of advanced technology and human interaction. What technology might miss, our professional recruiters identify and highlight. The role of AI, insights and automation, improves the experience and makes Flint more effective by complementing and augmenting our recruiter’s output.

With a standardised global methodology for resourcing, Flint ensures international consistency of delivery and service delivered locally. We are proven to and experienced to resource more effectively through deep insights into our key markets and clients. This results in shorter times to fill open roles, more efficient service and saves clients’ time and money. Flint uses historical knowledge combined with live data to funnel and target its approach to candidates with accuracy and efficiency.

Traditional Values Supported by Modern Technology

By utilising AI, Flint precisely identifies candidates and connects them with the right job. By using proactive recruitment methods, focusing on both active and passive resources, Flint quickly filters out candidates who don’t fit our clients. Automation, built into the processes or interactions, pushes various stages of the recruitment process along faster, saving time and resources.

As a company with a true hands-on technical understanding of requirements, our clients realise the benefit of having more than just a CV presented. Flint takes the time to understand our clients and their company culture, so we are not only validating the candidate’s technical capabilities, but also these other important personal attributes (i. e. soft skills) that really define us and who we are. Our clients realise the benefit of having more than just a CV presented. We supply them with a snapshot of the resource, highlighting technical and soft skills, providing a valuable quick assessment.

With this unique way of sourcing candidates, resulting in efficiencies reducing search times, the consistent approach across Flint allows our model to be dynamic, scalable and adaptable to the markets and clients we support. Flint continually evolves its model and promises to continue to innovate and improve its resourcing services.

Flint Solves Your Recruitment Conundrum

Our recruitment services help our customers achieve and meet their desired results, be it on the need for permanent resources or contingent workforces.

Our solutions and services help you to scale and prioritise your needs at the pace you demand. With our market intelligence and insights, we can provide valuable information to enable you to make informed decisions. As a recognised service provider and established solution provider, Flint is recognised and trusted, priding itself a high retention for contingent workers.

Do you have any further questions about how we find the right candidates for our clients or would like to work on a project with us? Please contact us at [email protected]. For more information, articles and updates follow us on LinkedIn.

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