Our Number One Priority: Ascoltare le Esigenze dei Nostri Clienti (Listening to Our Clients’ Needs)

Listening to our clients’ needs has been the driving force behind Flint’s success story in the UK and abroad. Flint Italy Country Manager Flavio Sticozzi emphasises the importance of creating trusting business relationships with local and international customers to form lasting and strong partnerships.

Flint Italy was established in 2018 to deepen the already existing ties with local businesses and international corporations Flint was already supporting in the region. Our partners and customers were looking to expand and invest in the area, and Flint was delighted to be able to support them.

Since then, Flint Italy has been assisting some of our most valued international customers in their business endeavours in Italy. “We are proud to be able to support international organisations like Juniper and Cisco, but also to strengthen our relationship with local customers like Italtel. Through the years, we have built important partnerships in the region. Building trusting relationships and listening to our customers is our number one priority,” says Flavio Sticozzi, Flint Italy’s Country Manager.

Our customers are looking to launch new services, drive their revenue, control or reduce cost and enhance customers satisfaction. To do that they need specialised skills – and that is where we come in. However, Flint is much more than a traditional resourcing company. We provide project management and strategic services to help them grow and scale, and deliver training and content development through our educational hub Flint SI if needed. Listening closely to our customers, and leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the local market and international expertise help us understand the challenges our customers face in the rapidly evolving landscape of the ICT industry.” 

The Hunt for “Hard-to-Come-By” Skills and Supporting Customers in Any Way Needed

“As our clients often look for very specific skills, we have built a strong network of specialised network engineers that have ‘hard-to-come-by-skills’ and are able to hop on complex projects for our clients,” explains Flavio. We supply our customers with engineers that have already worked with the technology in question and therefore know it inside and out, which makes for a shorter onboarding time and accelerates delivery times.” 

Every engagement starts with closely examining our customers’ requirements and needs, reviewing their projects and advising them on the best way forward. “Our customers trust us always to find the right solution for them, no matter if that means finding a new resource, supplying them with a managed team or a combination of the two” Flavio emphasises.

“Our ‘problem-solver’ mindset has led us to expand our services, from ‘just’ supplying resources to supporting our customers in carrying out whole projects. We supply project management and managed services, advise on, create and provide training for engineers, and help them win new projects. We are there every step of the way – or only engage minimally, whatever our customer needs,” Flavio expands.

The Need for Speed and the Right Support

Supporting our clients often means pushing the limits when it comes to the speed at which they need things to be done – and done excellently. “When clients contact us, we spring right into action. We know that time is of the essence in today’s fast-changing environment,” continues Flavio.

Frequently Flint is involved in the presales process of our clients e.g. helping them to prepare an offer for an upcoming project. “How quickly our clients can respond to an upcoming request can determine if they are awarded the project or not. We understand this urgency and are always at hand to either ensure the support ourselves or connect our clients with the right local partners. Recently we were able to provide our partner with a full quote for the RAN design of a 5G private network within two days,” Flavio adds.

Our customers contact us to seek support in solving their challenges. When a customer recently mentioned they needed to expand its engineers’ knowledge, Flavio introduced them to the learning and content development services provided by Flint. “We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with comprehensive solutions to address their business challenges, and our customers award us with their trust and loyalty in return.”

Flint Italy Supports Its Clients Through an Evolving Landscape

Known as a trusted recruitment partner in many countries, our clients value our international expertise and in-depth knowledge of HR bureaucracy. They have contacted our offices around the world about the impact Brexit and IR35 will have on their workforce. “Of course, they are most worried about the commercial impact legislation might have on their business. We are ready to support our clients through these changes and help them find the solutions that are most sensible for their business dealings,” Flavio explains.

“Flint is known for strong customer relationships and going the extra mile if needed, no matter if you partner with Flint in Italy, Canada or South Africa. Our clients know that they can contact us with any challenges they might face, and we will always strive to support them in overcoming them. That’s the Flint way,” Flavio pledges.

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