Enhanced Customer Experience

Global Consistency & Local Intimacy

At Flint we have great experience of adjusting our business based to the ever-changing requirements of our customers.

Our theory has been, and continues to be, that if we support the growth of our customers then this will ultimately result in growth for Flint.

As our customer base has continued to grow internationally, we have implemented changes to our business to ensure global consistency and an enhanced focus on customer experience at a local level.

To support this initiative, we have created two new lines of business.

Flint UK will drive an enhanced focus on supporting our customers locally in the UK and Flint Group will drive operational excellence and shared best practice across all of our regional entities.

Our customers can expect the same quality of service that they receive in London to be delivered in Riyadh, Johannesburg, Moscow, Munich, Milan, Ljubljana, Krakow, Dubai, or Noida.

With a team of more than 700 staff working on telecom, networking and IT projects in over 50 countries the introduction of Flint Group will introduce enhanced coordination for global projects, drive the highest possible levels of customer experience and maintain that quality internationally.

We wish all our customers and partners a successful 2020 and look forward to helping wherever your opportunities reside.

If you have any questions about the transition or are interested in working with us please contact us at [email protected] or call us 01923 677733.

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