Case Study: Implementing Next Gen Firewall With Obs in Russia to Improve Role-Based Secure Internet Access

Secure internet access is an important and crucial requirement for any business. With the changing environment and more data than ever being transmitted digitally, many companies are looking to improve their security measures by implementing new policies, software solutions, and hardware appliances.

Starting points

Orange Business Services (OBS) were looking for a partner in Russia to implement a specialised end-to-end solution for secure internet access across their business. The solution had to provide role-based secure internet access for employees defined at a policy level. This end-to-end solution required specialized skills therefore OBS partnered with Flint Russia, making use of our offer of Professional and Managed Services. Before starting the project both parties agreed on a predefined budget and timeline.

Technical Requirements

OBS provided Flint with a detailed technical requirements list. To sum up, OBS required Flint’s team of experienced professionals to deploy centralised internet access for users from different locations, to implement Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) policies on DC firewall (Cisco FTD 9300) and Edge firewall (Checkpoint 23000) according to existing security requirements, adjust the current policy in order to optimize the performance of security appliances and to deploy a pair of ISE-PIC appliances for user identity.

For a full detailed scope of work please click here: Next Gen Firewall Policy Implementation with OBS. You can also download the PDF on our Services page.

Customer impact

Flint’s end-to-end solution has provided a fully unified approach for secure user internet access including NGFW policies executed by a chain of both Cisco Firepower & Checkpoint Firewalls. As required by OBS only authenticated and authorised users now have access to an approved set of internet resources. Flint implemented the solution on time and within budget.

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