Flint Ranked in the 10th Annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200

For the second year running, Flint has been recognised for its growth and success in overseas markets, with a placing on the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 list. Published on 10 February, Sunday Times HSBC honours the hard work and resulting success of UK private mid-market companies that are going about their daily business, and with success in growing international sales.

Neil Burbidge, Flint MD said, “I’m sure it will surprise no-one but when we set up Flint, as a supplier of strategic resources and managed services for the ICT industry we didn’t have a plan for setting up an office in London, let alone Kazakhstan, which will I suspect be our next international entity!

“We thank the Sunday Times, HSBC and most importantly, all our customers for recognising and supporting our endeavours over the last 15 years. Currently we have active business across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Russia, all in place to help and facilitate our customers.

“If a mobile network project is active in Oman or Botswana, we have to make sure we can provide capable local resources, who have the skills to undertake the task and with a proven methodology that meets all the local standards. We want to be able to stand proud next to our customers in the knowledge we’ve done a good job the right way; and it’s that motivation that has led to our international expansion.

“As a mid-sized UK company, there are many business challenges which are only multiplied when working overseas. We are very lucky that the UK has been at the forefront of the ICT industry for very many years. That along with English being a truly international working language, and our great pleasure in exploring other cultures, gives UK companies a great starting foundation.

“Our work with 5G and IOT is something I hope will rapidly be reused across many markets. I believe the UK will continue as a safe and comfortable home to large international businesses acting as their first base outside the Americas or Asia, where Flint and other companies can help with those further expansions.

“Where to next? Well as we speak, I’m rushing for a flight to Riyadh and then next week I’ll be back to Pretoria, all by way of head office in St Albans.”

Flint would be delighted to discuss your international ICT service needs. Just call us on 01923 677733 or send us an email: [email protected]

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