Flint Further Expands Its Wings – A Big Welcome to Flint USA

Flint has built its business on listening to the customer and making strategic decisions and investments based on their input to support the growth of our key customers. A few months after opening our entity in Canada, Flint USA is joining the Flint family.

Over recent years we have seen an increasing interest in taking the best practices and operational excellence that we have implemented in the existing geographies that we support and taking them further afield. Our customers have been looking to leverage this expertise to accelerate their international growth and benefit from the financial benefits that a contingent workforce can deliver.

A matter of months after our most recent investment in Canada, Flint can proudly announce that we have a new operating company in the United States of America.

Flint Group CEO Neil Burbidge on the launch of Flint USA: “I am delighted that we have launched Flint in the US. The US holds a particularly fond place in my heart, having spent many years working in the US market in my early days over with Ericsson. I am pleased that after 20 years, we have remained true to our initial beliefs and are still listening to our key customers and opening up new entities to help support their own growth and expansion. This customer-first strategy has allowed us to form some very strong customer relationships and by supporting their business priorities we have found that they continue to support the growth of our own business. I am very much looking forward to a time when the travel restrictions are lifted, and I can visit the new operation and our first customers in this extremely important, exciting and innovative market.”

Global Consistency – Get the Same High Quality of Service Wherever You Choose to Work With Flint

Our “Globally Local” philosophy means that a customer should be able to receive the same high quality of service regardless of whether they are working with us in Rochester, New Hampshire, as in Rochester, England. Compliance in these new geographies is critical in ensuring our customers feel comfortable trading with Flint. As was the case in the other overseas territories that we invested in, such as South Africa, KSA, UAE and Russia, we have worked very closely with the local authorities to ensure a fully compliant service is provided. We’d like to allow our customers to focus on their core business and leave the local challenges to us.

We’re proud to confirm that Colin Levey, who was recently appointed to run our Canada operation, will take on responsibility for Flint USA and lead our North American line of business. We are delighted that our partners in North America have welcomed Flint Canada with open arms and are convinced that Flint USA will bring additional local insights and expertise to support our clients across the pond.

Colin Levey is looking forward to working with and supporting new and existing customers in the US: “We are very excited about the launch of Flint into the US. This is an extremely large and well-established market; however, the growth we have already seen shows us that customers are looking for what we have to offer, and this is very promising for such a new entity in the region. I am confident that being closer to the large vendors and customers will benefit the entire Flint International Group, and subsequently, our customers around the globe.”

Flint USA Joins Our Growing Family of Entities

Flint is now present in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Poland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Africa, Canada and the USA.

With an annual turnover of just over $100 Mil USD, and approximately 1500 consultants engaged across 40 countries, Flint is fortunate enough to have built successful partnerships with global and local customers such as Cisco, Ericsson, BT/EE, Inmarsat, Telefonica, Juniper, Ciena, Blue Planet, Poly, STC Solutions and Thiqah.

Our services include staffing (contingent workers and permanent), professional services and training & enablement.

If you would like to know more about Flint USA or Canada, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Colin Levey [email protected].

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