A Helping Hand to Cisco Channel Partners: Flint is a Cisco Premier Developer, Solution and Business Learning Partner

Flint has been a proud partner to Cisco and Cisco’s Channel Partners for a number of years now. Our company has continuously supported the accelerated adoption of new Cisco technologies and developed services to assist Cisco Channel Partners to secure earlier adopter revenue streams.

At the beginning of 2022, Flint’s close relationship with Cisco was reaffirmed when Cisco awarded Flint the Cisco Premier Developer certification. This new certification within the Cisco Partner Program was first announced in 2020 and has come into effect in the last several months.

As a Cisco Premier Developer and Solution Partner, Flint does not compete with Cisco Channel Partners. We do not offer hardware or software solutions but rather pride ourselves in being a helping hand to you as we complement your existing teams and service offerings.

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Cisco’s new Partner Program is based on four key roles: Integrator, Provider, Developer and Advisor. Flint has been recognised as a Cisco Premier Developer, which defines us as: “[e]xperts who build tailored software and hardware solutions on top of Cisco technology, resulting in unique solutions that bridge systems to deliver outcomes.”

Our services are tailored to support Cisco Channel Partners and their customers worldwide with an emphasis on data centre, security, enterprise networking, automation and orchestration.

“We are excited to be recognised as a Cisco Premier Developer. This validates the amazing work our engineers have done in the past few years on projects supporting Cisco Channel Partners. Our close relationship with Cisco has been a cornerstone of our work, and we are excited about what the future will bring.”

Flint Group Sales and Marketing Director Ian Ashford

Flint_Cisco Channel Partners

Cisco Solution and Business Learning Partner – Flint’s Strong Relationship with Cisco

For more than a decade, Flint has been working closely with Cisco, being awarded the Cisco Solution and Learning Partner status in the process. While the Cisco Premier Developer and Solution Partner status reinforce our mission as a reliable partner to Cisco Channel Partners in the deployment and implementation of Cisco solutions, the Business Learning Partner certificate confirms Flint’s reputation as an experienced and first-class business enablement partner. Our instructors are among the best in the EMEAR region, having been awarded multiple Cisco Instructor Excellence Awards through the years.

Professional, Managed and MINT Services Tailored to Cisco Channel Partner’s Needs

Cisco’s Mentored Install Network Training (MINT) are designed to combine professional services and hands-on training for engineers on different Cisco solutions. Flint’s experienced engineers deploy Cisco solutions for clients, guide them through the deployment process, and convey important skills and best practices.

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Our engineers’ in-depth expertise in Cisco technologies has made Flint a sought-after partner to accelerate the adoption of their newest solutions. Flint offers Cisco Channel Partners support through professional, managed, and Mentored Install Network Training (MINT) in technologies like Hyperflex, UCS and UCS-X ACI, Nexus Dashboard, SD-WAN, NSO, AppDynamics, DNA Center, DNA Spaces, FSO, and Secure Network Analytics.

We tailor our services to your or your clients’ specific needs to ensure an accelerated introduction of new technology and a flawless integration of these solutions into your networks. Thus, helping Cisco Channel Partners to leverage Cisco technologies to the fullest extent, optimise costs, provide additional scaling and accelerate the time to benefit.

A Comprehensive Approach to Supporting Cisco Channel Partners

As technology is ceaselessly evolving, it’s Flint’s mission to always stay on top of Cisco’s newest solutions and support Cisco Channel Partners in their adoption. Our comprehensive approach of not only being able to customise and implement these intricate solutions but also educating engineers on how to use them makes Flint a well-rounded partner.

“Combining our engineers’ hands-on and theoretical skills ensures an ‘all-inclusive’ service to Cisco Channel Partners and their customers. We don’t ‘just’ create tailor-made solutions on top of Cisco technologies to fit organisations’ unique requirements but are then also certified to educate engineers on the implemented technologies,” emphasises Flint SI Sales Director Domen Dražnik.

Learn more about our professional and managed services here and our learning services here.

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