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The Importance of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Public speaking skills are of paramount importance for professional IT instructors, as they play a pivotal role in effective communication and career advancement. In an industry where complex technical information needs to be conveyed to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, the ability to articulate ideas, explain concepts, and influence and captivate others is essential. Whether presenting project proposals, leading team meetings, or delivering technical presentations, IT professionals with strong public speaking skills can bridge the gap between technology and business, fostering collaboration and understanding.

Furthermore, these skills can enhance one’s professional credibility, boost career opportunities, and make them more adept at networking and knowledge sharing in the ever-evolving world of technology. Hence, mastering public speaking is not just an asset but a necessity for IT professionals seeking success in their careers.

Indispensable Skills for a Good Professional Instructor

Jaka Javornik, the Senior Instructor at Flint and the Head of the Presentation Skills Programme at Flint emphasizes the crucial importance of good presentation skills for most attendees, who are recently employed engineers set to become professional instructors. According to Jaka, these skills are indispensable.

“Regrettably, most technical university programmes do not include presentation or public speaking skills in their curricula. As a result, many individuals must develop these abilities through on-the-job experience or by seeking additional training independently, such as through various courses and workshops. At Flint, we have taken a systematic approach to address this challenge. We offer weekly sessions that provide instant feedback, allowing participants to track their progress. These sessions are rooted in an experiential and hands-on approach, requiring candidates to prepare and deliver presentations in front of their colleagues during each session. Each presentation is then evaluated within the class and video-recorded, allowing students to review and refine their performance as they prepare for subsequent sessions,” explains Jaka.

“Despite having some prior experience, this program provided me with fresh insights on how to establish and maintain a connection with the audience and handle my body language and tone of voice. Jaka shared a variety of excellent tools and techniques that will definitely come in handy. The hands-on practice sessions we had, along with the constructive feedback received, really helped me observe my weekly progress, ultimately boosting my confidence,” says Žan Gregorc, IT Developer at Flint who was employed at Flint and included in the Presentation Skills Programme just right after graduating from the university.

Upgraded Skills and Boosted Confidence

Another IT engineer, Rok claims to feel almost positively excited when asked to deliver a presentation. But this was not always the case. Rok came into the session with no prior experience. “I must admit that my initial feelings towards the workshop were far from enthusiastic, especially since I had always disliked public speaking.” However, as the workshop progressed, I felt my fear diminish and that blockage just melted away. My confidence grew with each subsequent lesson, and I began to enjoy the experience on a more personal level. The ability to listen to other presenters and provide critique, as well as receive constructive feedback on our own presentations, was excellent. The entire course proved to be a priceless gem in my opinion, and Jaka’s significant expertise in the sector played a critical role in assisting us in breaking through and acquiring the necessary abilities.”

We covered all the skills needed for an individual to be a great public speaker, including grammar, posture, word use, hand use – body language, and more. I would recommend it to anyone interested in any type of presentation, whether for personal or professional growth, as it will significantly upgrade your skills. ” Rok Glavan, Development Engineer at Flint SI

For a content designer Urban, this was a great opportunity to hone the art of public speaking:  “The best part about the training flow was how everyone had to participate in the speaking part, which meant being put on the spot,” he explains. “Sometimes just trying something out is the best option, even if you don’t know how to accomplish it. And that’s exactly what occurred here, with being put on the spot and receiving fantastic instructions, comments, and encouragement from Jaka, we were able to refine our skills and become prepared for public speaking.”

Sound Technical knowledge + Soft Skills = A Winning Combination

At Flint, we understand that in addition to sound technical knowledge, so-called »soft skills«such as public speaking are critical for successful training delivery. The information or product may be excellent, but if presented in a dull, unappealing, or incomprehensible manner, it may fail to reach the intended audience.

 By providing our professionals with the necessary tools and training in public speaking, we aim to foster their capacity to connect meaningfully, persuasively, and with impact, fostering growth both professionally and personally.  It enables individuals to engage, inspire, and influence their audience, whether in boardrooms, conferences, classrooms, or everyday conversations.

“It is really rewarding to see people who were previously unsure of their public speaking abilities start delivering smooth and enjoyable presentations. It is a programme that will push people out of their comfort zones, but advancement is unavoidable, and in the end, everyone will be pleased with themselves for choosing this road,” concludes Jaka.

We are not just a highly skilled team of technical experts; we are much more than that.  

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