Pride Month – Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

The month of June is well known globally as Pride Month – a month dedicated to raising awareness and celebrating diversity but also bringing forward important topics that concern equality in today’s society. At Flint, we believe in equal opportunities for all and embrace diversity and inclusion.

Respecting and celebrating differences have always been at the heart of the “Flint Way”. With more than 1800 staff across the globe, diversity is a big part of our company’s culture and success.

Embracing Diversity Starts at the Top

Our executive team fully embraces diversity and inclusion and is committed to ensuring Flint is a company in which everyone feels welcome. “Support and respect are key values here at Flint. It is our role as a leadership team to ensure that everyone is equal, and gender, identity, and ethnicity should in no way limit individuals’ opportunities,” emphasises Group Sales and Marketing Director Ian Ashford.

According to Forbes, companies who embrace diversity outperform less diverse businesses by 36 %1. At Flint, we recognise all our differences and believe they are among our biggest strengths. Utilising, accepting, and discussing our different experiences and viewpoints can help us understand one another and our clients much better.

Celebrating Pride Month

To celebrate Pride Month and bring awareness to the importance of inclusion and diversity, we’ve asked our team members to share their thoughts on these topics:

“We believe that the support and recognition we have for Pride creates a more balanced workforce, more representative of our customers, more open and free-thinking and ultimately creates a competitive advantage.“
Neil Burbidge, CEO at Flint Group

“A person’s difference in orientation, gender, or identity does not change their experience or value. Here at Flint, everyone is treated equally, with the respect and dignity to ensure the safest environment in which they can excel.”
Nina Hudnik, Managing Director at Flint SI

“Orientation and gender are not seen as boundaries at Flint; they are seen as unifying to our teams and supporting our company values.”
Alan Bryant, Managing Director at Flint UKI

“We pride ourselves in creating a safe and expressive environment in which everyone can be comfortable being themselves.”
Tanja Debevec, Group Marketing Coordinator

Inclusion and Diversity at Flint

Learn more about Flint’s company culture and our ethical, environmental and stakeholder policies here.

At Flint, we have made the conscious commitment to value experience, expertise, and the willingness to learn over all other factors that might influence our decisions when it comes to employment or promotions. This commitment has been rewarded by the loyalty of our employees and clients.

At the heart of our company’s ethical policy is the idea of treating others, whether that be customers, employees, suppliers, or wider stakeholders, as we would wish to be treated ourselves – and we all want to be treated equal and fair.

Our Employees Are Our Most Valuable Resource

At Flint, we know that our employees are our most valuable resource. Therefore, we are committed to their well-being and to creating an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. Flint stands firm against any form of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, marital or civil partnership status, disability, religion or beliefs, age or orientation. All our employees and associates are treated equally with respect and dignity.

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1Dixon-Fyle, S., Dolan, K., Hunt, V., and S. Prince. Diversity wins: How inclusion matters. McKinsey & Company, May 19 2020.

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