Flint at Cisco Live! Amsterdam 2024

Andraz Piletic presenting at Cisco Live! Amsterdam at the Elicium 2
From February 5th to 9th, the vibrant city of Amsterdam played host to Cisco Live! Tech enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders from around the globe flocked to the event, eager to immerse themselves in the latest updates and innovations in the world of Cisco technologies. Representing our company, the event was attended by Flint’s COO Andrew Goodchild and CSMO Ian Ashford, as well as Flint SI’s sales team, including Domen Dražnik, Igor Pota, Tina Šumnik, and Tajana Bobovnik, alongside engineers Andraž Piletič, Tilen Pokrivač, Maja Podbevšek, and Amadej Vidic.

Having established a strong presence at numerous Cisco events annually, Flint has become a familiar face among attendees. Beyond simply seeking networking opportunities, the Flint team eagerly shares best practices, expertise, and experiences with fellow participants.

“Cisco Live! Amsterdam was a great opportunity to meet so many of the key people from Cisco and the partner community all in the same place. It presented a perfect combination of business meetings and informal get-togethers, allowing us to meet old friends and new ones, and to showcase our expertise from the team in Slovenia as we continue to invest in accelerating the adoption of new and emerging Cisco technologies,” Ian Ashford, CSMO at Flint, highlighted the importance of such events.

Exciting Sessions by Flint SI’s engineers, Andraž Piletič and Tilen Pokrivač

At this year’s Cisco Live! Amsterdam, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy three engaging sessions led by experienced engineers, Andraž Piletič and Tilen Pokrivač. The sessions were well attended and served as platforms for attendees to delve deep into various aspects of Cisco’s popular technologies, gain valuable insights, and ask questions about best practices and the features these technologies offer.

Andraz Piletic presenting at Cisco Live! AmsterdamThe series of Flint SI sessions was kicked off on Wednesday by Andraž Piletič’s all-new session ‘ENNA: Network Troubleshooting with ThousandEyes’ at the Cisco U. Theater. The interactive session was packed with real-world examples and enabled participants to step into the shoes of a network engineer on duty and learn how to utilise ThousandEyes to identify the appropriate escalation point for detected issues. Additionally, participants received a preview of what to expect from the new Cisco certification training, titled Enterprise Network Assurance (ENNA).

Later that day Andraž Piletič again took to the presenting podium and shared ‘3 Steps to Gain Actionable Visibility in the Cisco SD-WAN Using ThousandEyes’ at the Elicium 2. The session focused on assisting individuals responsible for the end-to-end user experience in their SD-WAN environments. It addressed the desire to understand and visualise the SD-WAN underlay, as well as the effort to deploy ThousandEyes agents in SD-WAN edges.

“Presenting at Cisco Live is always a rewarding experience. This time, I additionally had the privilege of giving attendees an exclusive glimpse into Cisco’s forthcoming certification training program Enterprise Network Assurance (ENNA) coming in late April 2024. The certification will validate expertise in understanding, deploying, and diagnosing network issues using critical monitoring solutions like ThousandEyes, Cisco Catalyst Center, Meraki Insights, and Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN, providing professionals with comprehensive skills in network assurance,” Andraž remarked.

On the penultimate day of Cisco Live! Amsterdam, Tilen Pokrivač talked about ‘Cisco Umbrella’s Cloud Security Evolution’. The session focused on the evolutionary journey of Umbrella’s functionalities, illustrating its convergence of DNS-layer security, SWG (Secure Web Gateway), firewall, CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), and threat intelligence into a single cloud service to help secure networks. Furthermore, it briefly explored Umbrella’s transition into Cisco’s unified SSE (Security Service Edge) offering and encouraged them to explore Secure Access.

Tilen Pokrivac presenting at Cisco Live! Amsterdam“I was excited about my session at the Cisco U. Theatre, but of course, presenting to fellow peers always comes with nerves. However, I quickly found my rhythm and delivered a smooth presentation, sharing my experience, expertise, and insights with the Cisco community. The positive feedback from attendees was truly gratifying, highlighting the importance of thorough preparation and effective communication – the cornerstones of all sessions by Flint,” Tilen shared after his session.

Networking With Flint at Cisco Live! Amsterdam 2024

In addition to the insightful technical sessions by Flint’s engineers, attendees had the opportunity to catch up with Flint SI‘s sales team, including Domen Dražnik, Igor Pota, Tina Šumnik, and Tajana Bobovnik. Whether it was discussing the supporting services Flint can provide, exploring tech trends, or simply networking with like-minded individuals, the sales team enjoyed many meaningful conversations and interactions throughout the event.

“Cisco events are always a great way to connect with our partners. Although working together closely throughout the year, it is exciting to meet up in person and have a more relaxed conversation about everyday things while getting some coffee or a bite to eat. As always, we were also excited to share how we can support Cisco and Cisco customers with our services and expertise, and we appreciated getting so much positive feedback from them,” Domen Dražnik, Flint SI Sales Director, summed up his experience at Cisco Live! Amsterdam.

Pictured: Igor Pota, Tajana Bobovnik, Maja Podbevšek, Tina Šumnik, Tilen Pokrivač, Andraž Piletič and Domen Dražnik

Exploring Emerging Trends and Networking With Peers

Beyond the official sessions and networking opportunities, Cisco Live! Amsterdam was also buzzed with excitement as attendees explored the various exhibitions, demonstrations, and interactive experiences on offer. From live product demos to hands-on workshops, there was no shortage of ways for attendees to immerse themselves in the world of Cisco technologies and innovation.

“Attending Cisco Live in Amsterdam was an enriching experience. The dynamic educational sessions provided deep insights into emerging trends and technologies, while meeting Cisco colleagues and industry peers in person fostered meaningful connections. In addition, acquiring invaluable contacts for ongoing projects enhanced collaborative endeavours. Cisco Live encapsulates the essence of networking, knowledge sharing and professional growth,” Maja Podbevšek, Technical Solutions Architects at Flint SI, said about the event.

As the event drew to a close, attendees left armed with fresh insights, new connections, and a deeper understanding of the possibilities that Cisco technologies offer. For Flint, Cisco Live! Amsterdam was not just an opportunity to showcase their expertise and solutions—it was a chance to connect with the wider tech community, share knowledge, and discuss collaborations on future ventures.

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