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When new technologies emerge, those innovations optimise existing solutions, eliminate common problems, save time, and thus render bigger profit margins.

On the other hand, they also pose two big challenges – how to swiftly adopt and take advantage of all they have to offer, and how to effectively train in-house engineers to work with these solutions as good and quickly as possible.

Flint SI provides an answer to both, intertwined.

Our entity in Slovenia provides Learning and Content Development as well as Professional and Managed Services. Flint SI is the unrivalled educational hub of our Flint family and supports clients in accelerating the adoption of new technologies and taking full advantage of new tools to maximise our clients’ investment.

“The ICT industry is constantly changing and evolving. To stay on top of the technological evolution, service providers, vendors and enterprises need a reliable partner. At Flint, we pride ourselves in being an ally to our clients and becoming their extended hand,” emphasises Nina Hudnik, Managing Director of Flint SI. “Our services are designed to further our customers’ quest in digitalising their business and educating them along the way.”

Flint SI works closely with some of the biggest global networking solutions and automation software vendors. Through these projects, our engineers get access to some of the world’s most recent and coveted IT solutions and, as a result, help our clients cease the early adopter market through partner enablement (Cisco Solution Partner and Blue Orbit Partner with Blue Planet), professional and managed services. Our experienced engineers will support you in creating custom automation and orchestration solutions for your network, data centre, and cloud in order to increase your infrastructure’s efficiency, lower operational costs, and positively influence your company’s economic growth.

By combining training and professional services, our clients get the best of both worlds – they can leverage our engineers’ academic knowledge and profit from best practices and practical experience that our engineers gather while being engaged in real-life projects. More than a third of Flint SI’s engineers are Cisco Certified System Instructors (CCSI) and rank among the best in the EMEAR region.

Flint SI’s Services

Areas of Expertise

  • core/edge network optimisation
  • data centre, cloud networking, and SDN
  • IPv4/IPv6 and Ethernet architecture
  • Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)
  • network migration for service providers and enterprises
  • Network Services Orchestration (NSO)
  • consulting services for Cisco SaaS solutions
  • designing Cisco enterprise networks and deployment services
  • security solutions design and deployment services

Content Development for Learning Materials, Remote/Virtual (VILT) or In-Person Instructor-Led Trainings, and E-Learning Self-Paced Trainings

  • high-level design and detailed design
  • conceptual content development
  • hands-on or virtual lab exercise development
  • template and style guide creation
  • multi-media production (simulations, animations, audio narration and editing, videos, interactive videos, and interactive assessments)

Professional, Managed and Learning Services

  • Product Awareness and Adoption Training:
    • pre-sales, sales, and post-sales enablement
    • lab set up and demos
    • partner enablement and scaling
  • Customer-Facing Support:
    • test drives
    • product training
    • Proof of Concept (POC) customer workshops
    • Proof of Value (POV) engagements
    • joint development
    • independent advisory services

Cisco Certified and Approved Mentored Install Network Trainings (MINTs)

Cisco Certified and Approved Mentored Install Network Trainings (MINTs):

  • Cisco DCN – ACI
  • Cisco Compute / Hyperflex, UCS, and Intersight
  • Cisco DNA Center
  • Cisco DNA Spaces
  • Cisco SD-WAN
  • Cisco SDA

Meet the Flint SI Team

Nina Hudnik - Flint SI Managing Director

Nina Hudnik

Managing Director

Domen Draznik - Flint SI Sales Director

Domen Dražnik

Sales Director


Flint SI d.o.o.
Dolenjska cesta 242
1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 1 292 60 26

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