Accelerating New Technology Adoption at Cisco Impact

For the second year running, Flint was delighted to be invited as one of the sponsors and attendees at Cisco’s prestigious annual event in Las Vegas – Cisco Impact. Flint’s team attended the event to take advantage of all our key stakeholders being in one place while gaining a first-hand understanding of Cisco’s strategy and learning how we can help support their sales and delivery teams and their partner ecosystem.

Since our focus has always been to support Cisco and its partners with the adoption of new technologies, the event provided a great opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the areas we prioritise. In addition,  Cisco events are always a great opportunity to build relationships with key partners who could benefit from our professional and learning services.

Flint’s unique ability to provide engineers who are both academically advanced and practically experienced in new and emerging technologies, opened several exciting discussions in Vegas that will help shape our strategy. Reducing the time to benefit from these new technologies for the end customer is critical to their success in the market. Moreover, understanding that many of these customers will purchase their Cisco solutions through Cisco’s traditional systems integrators creates a great opportunity for Flint to help them secure this early market share while also assisting them with mentoring and training, leading them to become self-sufficient over time.

Upcoming trends and technologies

During our discussions with various Cisco stakeholders at the event, the primary technological focus was on Cisco Datacenter, Enterprise Networking, and Security, with a particular emphasis on the new SSE (Secure Service Edge) and XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solutions.

Due to the distinctive nature of Flint’s go-to-market strategy, partners can work with us knowing that we will not be in direct competition with them. Our chosen route to market is to support Cisco or its channel partners rather than approach end customers directly.

Promising future

This partnership holds immense promise, and we’re enthusiastic about the opportunities it presents. Together with Cisco, we can continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, assisting our clients with adopting the latest technological advancements.

We continue to be very grateful for the opportunity to join the Cisco team at these annual events and look forward to attending again next year.

If you are a Cisco partner who is looking for support to deploy new and emerging Cisco technologies, do not hesitate to contact us.

Get in touch, we are looking forward to hearing from you!


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