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Closely-knit community

It’s 8.30 on a grumpy November Tuesday morning, with the usual layers of fog crawling through almost every corner of the city. The best weather to snuggle under a blanket and wait for the gloomy days to vanish.

But if you work at Flint, your mood will quickly get a significant booster. As soon as climbing the stairs up to the second floor, you will be greeted with the seductive smell of coffee, making a cosy setting for lively chatter and laughter in the kitchen. There are always a couple of jokes and anecdotes circulating, and you can openly talk about exciting topics. You instantly get the impression that this is a strong-knit community which consciously works towards the same goal and supports each other.

Flexible work arrangements – and in the end, you will still love coming to the office

Some of us are morning larks, being at our most productive time early in the morning while the minds of those at the other end of the spectrum will properly awake when the lights go down.

Apart from different biorhythms, Flint colleagues also fall into various categories as far as their personal lives and hobbies go: there are busy parents juggling between work and family commitments, avid travellers exploring different corners of the planet (as long as there is a fast and stable internet connection),  pet owners taking care that their animals are properly fed, groomed and walked, and those who simply live too far away that a journey to the office and back would be viable every day.

“What do appreciate most at Flint are agility and/or flexibility of the company that comes in many so, so many forms. Also the team of people that work here, our fun and positively oriented approach towards every challenge that we face.” Tina, Business Development Manager


The flexible working arrangements give everyone a chance to optimise the organisation of different aspects of their lives – as long as the agreements are respected and high-quality work is performed. So yes, there is the freedom to work remotely, but due to the good atmosphere and constant transfer of knowledge, people actually are attracted to come to the office, some on a daily, others on a weekly or a monthly basis.

A bunch of very smart people – professional development

Being an IT company, working with cutting-edge technologies and market leader clients, means there is a bunch of very smart people in the house. But no alarms, this is very very far from being an image of a »traditional« highly introverted geek. It is directly the opposite; Flint employees are very communicative and would happily share their knowledge, skills and good humour among colleagues. This makes Flint a lively innovative hub where one gets a chance to work with the latest technologies and constantly improve their skills and knowledge. It is the environment that strongly encourages getting the best out of everyone; as this is also the smartest way to deliver the best solutions and professional services to our customers.


Professionalism, care and innovation are actually the underlying values, on which Flint Group was founded. Flint employees are devoted to high-quality and thoroughly professional work on all levels of business. At the same time, we are aware we’re not robots and neither are our Customers, Colleagues or Associates. We can be ourselves in the workplace, which creates an open, honest and genuine environment. We can be personable, open, approachable and fair but at the same time be good business people. Therefore all Flint entities are sleeves up to create a culture welcoming a relaxed atmosphere working hand-in-hand with excellent professional work and innovation. Innovation is the key to business success as the ICT industry continues to develop at a high-speed level. We encourage you to embrace new information, new ideas and new ways of thinking to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

“As an IT engineer, I enjoy the chance to work with the ‘latest and greatest’ solutions from the world’s renowned vendors, to constantly have an opportunity to learn and improve my knowledge, and to come up with clever technical solutions to customers’ problems.  It’s really fun to have a beer with co-workers after work as well, and to plan office pranks with a tightly knit team of young professionals.” Robert, IT Engineer and Instructor


Measuring work satisfaction

Of course, it is easy to dabble down a quote or two about how great a job or organisation somewhere is, especially when the marketing team is nagging you to do so. Although we sincerely believe the communication within the company is very open and honest, we are also very aware of the danger of embellishment and semi-truths. In order to get the most realistic feedback possible, Flint Slovenia conducted an exhaustive anonymous Gallup research on work satisfaction and engagement. The goal of it was to find out where we stand and what could be improved. The survey, conducted in the autumn of 2022 brought a handful of interesting insights; we were able to detect where we thrive and where there’s some space for improvement. Each question/category offers the assessment with a numerical value of 1 -5, where 5 is the highest score. We were also given the comparative evaluation with other organisations globally, where Gallup had performed a similar survey, given in the form of percentiles (»Gallup overall«). *Publicly available Gallup’s findings can be found here.

The most important takeaways are as follows:

  • General satisfaction with a place of work was evaluated with a score of 4.69/5 and a Gallup overall score was 87 percentile, meaning that Flint has done better than 86 per cent of comparable organisations
  • The highest score – 4.69/5 was given to the question »how satisfied are you with your company as a place to work while the lowest result – 3.37/5 was shown for the statement »I have a best friend at work.«
  • Our employees also feel they have the opportunities to learn and grow at work (score 4.55/5), they feel that their coworkers are committed to doing quality work (4.69/5), that their opinions seem to count (4.45/5) and that their manager or someone at work seems to care about them as a person (4.65/5).
  • Regular check-ups and conversations about the progress at work, encouraging someone’s progress at work and communicating the organisation’s mission and purpose more regularly and clearly have proven to be the areas with a potential for improvement (they were valued between 3.71 – 4.06).

Although it might sound like a list of dry data, at Flint we believe this kind of survey is very important in getting honest feedback and a helpful tool in the process of building a better work environment.

“The work itself is very diverse (different types of projects, different teams, technologies etc.) and challenging but at the same time also very rewarding. It never gets boring or easy, and it pushes you to always learn and grow, professionally and personally.”  Andreja, Project Manager


Straightforward and honest feedback is crucial for discovering areas which could potentially lead to bigger challenges. Without constant feedback and transparent communication, it is hard to implement any changes for the better. Thus every comment is highly welcome and appreciated because this is the only way we can work and become better individuals and a better company.

Open Communication

We are aware that open, honest and respectful communication is the key to getting to know each other, sharing and sharpening ideas and also to detect and address potentially challenging issues. Therefore we are nourishing a safe environment where everyone can contribute and share their thoughts without fears or reservations.

Fit and Fun

With a variety of sports activities (from yoga, climbing, badminton and fitness subscription) available in the frame of Flint’s sports club, you can easily ensure your body gets a sufficient amount of movement, power and endorphins to be able to conquer all the daily challenges. But it is not just about work, learning & sports – we also take partying very seriously. Just ask someone at Flint about our legendary team-building events and you’ll understand why.

We are a group of highly skilful team of technical experts. And we are so much more.  

Get in touch, we are looking forward to hearing from you!



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