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In the heart of Rome, the city of sun, people’s warmth, and boundless energy, you will find Flint Italy, a company that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Italy in its workplace culture. Here, the Italian touch is not merely a superficial aspect, but it is woven into the fabric of the organisation.

In this article, we are going to dwell on what it’s truly like working for Flint Italy and how the company’s supportive approach towards their employees is put in place. Flint is committed to empowering its employees to explore new horizons, offering unwavering support for relocations and travel wherever their ambitions take them. Our dedication to fostering a flexible work environment means your career can thrive, no matter where you choose to go. As illustrated by Marta’s journey, Flint Italy is an inviting destination for talents from around the world.

Marta Drewnowska, a Recruitment Specialist at Flint Italy, is sharing her unique journey. “I discovered Flint on LinkedIn while searching for opportunities that would allow me to leverage my Italian language skills and my experience in the field of HR. What intrigued me was not only the attractive description of the vacancy but also the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Flint,” she explains.

What sets Flint apart is its unwavering commitment to its employees’ well-being. When Marta expressed her desire to relocate to Italy, Flint stood firmly behind her. “For Flint, what mattered most was my ability to fulfil my role and commitments, rather than the location where I was based,” emphasizes Marta.

Finding a work-life balance

At Flint, we take our work very seriously, but that does not mean we are all business and no fun! We have a knack for creating a positive and dynamic atmosphere. When you are at Flint, you are not alone. As our Operation Engineer,  Andrea puts it nicely: “I always feel this positive and dynamic atmosphere, and there’s a maximum availability from my manager and the HR department to attend to my needs and expectations. This enables me to concentrate on my tasks, without distractions and to add value to the client, Flint, and my future professional career.”

“I appreciate the positive and flexible working environment at Flint, the autonomy in our work, transparency, agility, simplicity in managing relationships, and the fact that reporting is not overly meticulous. We are given the ability to act independently, which allows for flexibility and eliminates unneeded constraints. The foundations of the environment are trust and operational simplicity,” says Davide, consulting engineer at Flint Italy.

When it comes to innovation and growth, we enthusiastically roll up our sleeves and make it happen. Our primary objective is to create an environment reflecting the energy of the Italian way of life.

At Flint, we firmly believe that creativity knows no boundaries and we seek to achieve great heights by carefully considering the contribution of every member of our global team.


Join Flint Italy: Your opportunity awaits.

If you are seeking a career where your talents meet the Italian warmth, Flint Italy could be your next destination. Embrace the Italian work culture, innovative environment, and a supportive approach to your career ambitions. Contact our HR department [email protected] and follow us on LinkedIn (Flint Italy) to get updates on new vacancies and opportunities.


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