Welcoming Our New Entity – Flint Egypt

At the beginning of September, a new entity became part of the Flint family. Flint Egypt will support our local and global customers to drive their business goals and offer new cost-effective resources in a very competitive market. Again, with the establishment of our new offices, we do what we are best at – follow and solve the needs and challenges of our partners and customers.

Right back to the early days of Flint, our approach to working closely with our customers to understand where their challenges are and then find a way of solving them, has underpinned a lot of our growth. If we can support the growth of our customers, then, in turn, this will help us to grow too.

Over the years, we have opened more than 17 entities across the globe to support growth initiatives in Europe, the Middle East, across Africa and more recently North America, all based on this strategy.

Recently, we have embarked on a new initiative that continues in the very same vein and has seen us establish our new offices in Egypt – Flint Egypt.

Strengthening Our Commitment to the Middle East and Our Global Customers

Flint has nurtured strong ties in the Middle East for over a decade. A few years ago, we reinforced our commitment to the region and our global and local partners with the opening of our offices in Dubai and Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2021, we strengthened our position in the Middle Eastern market by acquiring Riyadh-based Mea-Tech, a staff augmentation and payroll service company.

With our continued growth in the Middle East and our desire to support our partners in this flourishing area, establishing our new offices in Egypt was the next logical step that was based on three interesting angles;

  1. The fantastic opportunity that growing a business in Egypt represents and how this can only be best served by being in the country, ensuring hurdles related to tax and bureaucracy are jumped clearly in a way that they could not be if trading from outside the country.
  2. The remarkable in-country capability that Egypt offers to support service delivery for overseas customers in an extremely cost-efficient manner.
  3. An extremely cost-effective delivery location to help our global customers find new ways of addressing the constant cost reduction pressures they are facing.

Flint Egypt Will Support Our Local and Global Growth

Through our time in Egypt, during the set-up phase, we have found excellent language skills to support both Europe and the Middle East from a highly skilled engineering base. This capability complements our existing business and helps us support the GCC with local language skills that you wouldn’t usually find in traditional offshore support locations.

The workforce in the country also has a very good cultural alignment with the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, and this supports our international customer base and demand very nicely.

We are extremely hopeful that very similar to other investments, we will not only be able to support our global customers from the new entity, but it will act as a launch pad to enable us to start to work with new, innovative, and exciting local customers in Egypt itself.

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