Flint Instructors Win Three Cisco 2021 Instructor Excellence Awards

Blaž Bačnik, Jaka Javornik and Marko Zagožen have been honoured with the award for their exceptional training deliveries of DevNet courses. The award recognizes certified Cisco instructors with the highest overall scores in student satisfaction.

Cisco awards the Instructor Excellence Award to Certified Cisco Systems Instructors (CCSI) for their outstanding and exemplary work every year. “The 2021 award winners exemplified the highest quality training experience and demonstrated best overall performance as measured by the student satisfaction surveys throughout the Year 2020. These elite instructors are being recognized for delivering remarkable customer experience in each technology,” Cisco honoured this year’s winners.

Among the Best at Delivering DevNet Training within EMEAR

Flint’s engineers Blaž Bačnik, Jaka Javornik and Marko Zagožen were honoured with the Cisco 2021 Instructor Excellence Award, achieving a 4.8 or above annual average “CCSI” score in all customer satisfaction MTM surveys throughout 2020.

“One of the best experiences for me, as an instructor, is to see the students excitedly discuss how the new knowledge helps their projects. It also teaches me about all the innovative ways in which the technology can be used. The learning never ends and, ultimately, teaching others is the true test of my own understanding”, Blaž Bačnik elaborates on the importance of learning and, also, teaching.

“Network automation has become really important, but traditional network engineers often lack experience in this field. So, for us instructors it is also a unique challenge how to make them understand automation and programmability concepts and we feel proud when we enable them to start using these modern tools in their everyday work”, Jaka Javornik emphasises the challenges of DevNet Training.

“Being able to interact with learners and exchange ideas is a welcome break from my primary responsibility of designing and developing network automation solutions. We all benefit from different viewpoints – the learners get to hear real stories from the trenches, and I get insights into their business cases and requirements for orchestrating their infrastructure”, Marko Zagožen describes the symbiotic relationship between learner and instructors.

Experience is the Best Teacher

All of Flint’s instructors have hands-on experience with the technologies they teach, working on network automation and programmability projects for renowned clients. Honing their practical skills gives them an edge when it comes to training other engineers.

In the fast-changing world of IT, continuous training is indispensable. Developing training and courses that stick with learners and delivering an excellent learning experience is the ultimate goal of our engineers. Being honoured with these awards by Cisco and, even more importantly, by the learners themselves is another great indicator that Flint’s instructors are among the best in the world.

A Broad Portfolio of Learning Services

Within Flint more than 15 devoted CCSI certified instructors and engineers specialised in DevNet, Data Center, Service Provider, Enterprise, Security and Cloud Technologies Training are involved in developing training courses and learning materials. They are complemented by a multidisciplinary team of in-house SMEs and architects, instructional and graphic designers, content developers and project managers to deliver exceptional learning services to clients globally.

Flint offers comprehensive content development services that include, but are not limited to high-level design, detailed design, conceptual content development, hands-on or virtual lab exercise development, template and style guide creation, followed by multi-media production (simulations, animations, audio narration and editing, videos, interactive videos, and interactive assessments). This supports the creation of educational Instructor-Led Training (ILT) that can be delivered in person or remote, as well as E-Learning and self-paced training. Partnering with Flint means getting an all-around high-quality solution.

Flint is also a trusted Cisco Solution Partner. Our portfolio of services available from Cisco directly now includes DNA-Centre, DNA-Spaces, SD-Access, Stealthwatch, ISE, SDWAN & Hyperflex with a new ThousandEyes service due to being launch soon.

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