Creating a sustainable future for our people and customers

The first step towards creating the UK Employee-Owned Trust (EOT)

We are delighted to announce that with the formation of Flint UK Technology Services Ltd, the first step required to create a UK Employee-Owned Trust (EOT) has now been taken. This marks a huge step forward and is a testament to the approach taken by the four founders: Keith Barker, Neil Burbidge, Alan Bryant, and Scott Moore. Through the EOT, the founders have found an innovative way of entrusting the future of the UK business to the staff, protecting the quality of service delivered to our customers along with the longevity and stability of the company.

This keeps the future of Flint UK firmly in the hands of those people who drive the business every day, share the values of the founders, and who understand the requirements of our customers.

Empowering the Employees

This approach is similar to the way that our Learning and Professional Services operation from Slovenia is currently run and has been proven to instil an enhanced level of passion and employee engagement. Employees feel empowered to co-create the future of the business and stay true to the Flint values of professionalism, innovation, and (customer) care.

Now the entity has been created, we can move onto the second and final step in the journey as we make the necessary changes to shareholding agreements to empower our employees further to take an active part in governing and decision-making processes. Our next update will follow once we’ve completed this step and the EOT has been formally created.

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