Case Study: Cisco DNA Spaces MINT with AirQuay

AirQuay is a Korean IT company providing various IT solutions to end customers including RTLS (Real Time Location System) solutions. The company approached Cisco about MINT services for Cisco DNA Spaces so they would get familiar with the solution and could start delivering it to their clients. Cisco DNA Spaces is a location-based service, supplying location analytics, customer engagement toolkits, device tracking and asset management, as well as the integration of enterprise applications or other partner applications via the Firehose API. It provides business insights, right-now metrics, it can detect and locate devices, and offers support for seamless and secure onboarding to a guest Wi-Fi.

In five working days, Flint set up a demo environment and instructed AirQuay’s engineers on how to use and implement Cisco DNA Spaces, a cloud-based solution. In attendance of the company’s engineers, our technical solutions architect and instructor provided them with the access to the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard, integrated the solution with the existing Wi-Fi, and highlighted the importance of a well-defined location hierarchy to get micro-location specific statistics and analytics.

As soon as the demo environment was all set up, our engineer demonstrated the features Cisco DNA Spaces offers. From setting up a captive portal to defining customer engagements and utilizing features such as behaviour metrics, right-now metrics, and location analysis in different industries (for example, retail, healthcare, and entertainment).

Our engineer also demonstrated the value of different COVID-19-related features that Cisco DNA Spaces offers. From configuring density notifications for when the area occupancy threshold is reached to proximity reporting, giving visibility, and understanding on where an infected individual moved within a location (for example, an office building) and with whom they were in contact.

We Are Happy When Our Customers and Partners Are Happy

“We were very satisfied with the MINT services Flint provided and are now confident to deliver this solution to our end-customers. Flint’s engineer was an excellent instructor, taking the time to explain everything in-depth and answer upcoming questions,” AirQuay praised our service.

In partnership with Cisco, Flint has also developed a two-day presales training course for Cisco DNA Spaces, which further emphasizes Flint’s knowledge of this solution and reinforces Flint’s excellent partnership with Cisco. Chris Calderbank, Sales Business Development Manager at Cisco: Flint has been a great resource as we introduce an entirely new SaaS platform, DNA Spaces, to our partner community. I leverage Flints skills to train partners on this cloud-based platform, provide technical mentoring and to help partners develop new competencies and open new buying centers for location analytics.

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