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Building and Mantaining Your High-Tech Data Center Facilities

Data Centre Consulting

Globally the ever-increasing demand for virtualisation, mobile computing, and cloud computing has put a great emphasis on data centre operations. This has increased the need for more computing power, electricity, efficient cooling, right-sizing capacities, space availability, high-speed data connectivity, and scalable facilities to meet future requirements.

Our Data Centre Consulting Services provide the expertise to plan and design cost-effective, reliable, scalable, energy-efficient, and feature-ready data centre facilities ensuring code compliance and meeting the organisation’s strategic objective.

  • Data Centre Consulting
  • Turnkey DCF Services

    Our data centre facilities (DCF) expertise includes the complete ‘turnkey’ facilities scope, including architectural, civil, structural, power, cooling, low current/ELV, power busway, fire protection, physical security, data centre infrastructure management (DCIM), racks, hot/cold aisle containment, structured cabling, patch panels, wire baskets, and fibre guide systems.

  • Turnkey DCF Services
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      Focusing on Your Company’s DCF Needs and Challenges

      Flint provides expertise to plan, design, build and manage cost-effective, scalable, energy-efficient and future ready data centre facilities (DCF). Our range of DCF services include the following:

      • Hyperscale, Cloud and Colocation Data Centre;
      • Data Centre Expansion and Migration;
      • Modular/Prefab., Edge and Micro DC Solutions
      • NOC/SOC Solutions

      Data Centre Solutions

      • HyperScale, Cloud, Enterprise and Colocation DCs
      • Data Centre Expansion, Migration and Consolidation
      • Modular and Prefabricated Data Centre Solutions
      • Disaster Recovery Mobile Containers
      • Central Office Optimization and Guidelines
      • Edge Data Centre and Micro Data Centre Solutions
      • Network/Security Command Centre Services

      Design And Build

      • Facilities Planning and Forecasting
      • RFP and Tender Preparation
      • Construction Budget and TCO Calculations
      • Site Selection and Risk Assessment
      • Conceptual and Construction Detailed Design
      • Design Peer Review and Sign-Off
      • Construction Management and Independent Agent

      Total Facilities Management

      • Gap Analysis/Site Assessment
      • Power Protection, Energy and Capacity Audits
      • Facilities and White Space Management
      • OEM Maintenance Guidelines and Rehabilitation
      • Business Continuity Management
      • Developing O&M Runbook
      • Operations Sustainability Certification

      Training Academy

      • Certified Data Centre Associate (DCA)
      • Certified Facilities Mgmt. Professional (FMP)
      • Certified Structured Cabling Specialist (SCS)
      • Certified Data Centre Design Specialist (DDS)
      • Certified White Space Manager (WSM)
      • Revit Training Program (3D/4D BIM Modelling)


      • White Space Management Best Practices
      • Cost Savings Through Sustainability Measures
      • Converting Central Office to Edge Data Centre
      • Data Centre Power and Cooling Essentials
      • Choosing the Right High-Density Cooling Solution
      • Here’s How You Cable Your Central Office Right

      IT Consulting Services

      Our IT expertise includes data centre, cloud and cybersecurity solution services. We provide hybrid data centre design and delivery for applications and web hosting in a secure environment. Our expertise in the deployment of Cisco ACI single POD, multi-POD and multisite Data Centres around the globe enables our customer to provide secure multitenant environments for their customers.

      Data Centres And Cloud Platforms

      • Multi-Tenant DC for Applications and Web Hosting
      • Geo. spread resilient DC w/ Global & Local Traffic Mgmt
      • Private Cloud, Desktop and Application Delivery
      • Public, Hybrid Cloud Services and Cloud Management
      • Virtualisation Based on Hypervisor Tech. & Containerised
      • SDN, Hyper-Converged Infra., Compute and Storage

      Cyber Security

      • Enterprise Architecture and Risk Compliance
      • Governance and Cyber Security Frameworks
      • Next-Generation Firewalls, IDS/IPS and Web
      • Identity, Access and Multi-factor Authentication
      • DDoS Mitigation, Email and Web Security
      • Cloud Security, Application Visibility and Control

      Network Managed Services

      • IT Remote Hands, Smart Hands, and Fit-Out Services
      • Data Centre Migration and Relocation Services
      • IT Project Management and Network Monitoring


      • Software-Defined Campus and Wireless LANs
      • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
      • Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE)
      • Software-Defined WANs, MPLS and DMVPNs
      • Traditional Wired and Wireless Networks
      • Cloud Networks


      • Web Conferencing
      • Unified Communication
      • Contact Centre and Cloud Workspace


      HCIS background and importance in Saudi Arabia

      Flint works in consortium with HCIS authorised consultants and contractors to achieve HCIS compliance for its clients. Following is the brief about the HCIS standard in Saudi Arabia:

      • HCIS compliance is required for national security, to protect the economy and the well being of the population of Saudi Arabia.
      • It governs the physical and operational safety of a range of facilities across KSA.
      • HCIS is the national regulatory agency that oversees the Security, Safety and Fire Protection requirements mandated by MOI at Industrial Facilities and Designated Critical Infrastructure.
      • Compliance with these Directives is a statutory requirement.
      • Failure to comply may result in operational delays.
      • The following services are available via authorised Flint partners:
        • Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) and Risk Assessment
        • Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Installation Supervision, and Operations Readiness Support
        • Facilities Security Business Criteria Development for Selection Classification


      Uptime Institute Certification

      • Flint’s in-house Uptime Institute certified consultants help with designing, reviewing, correcting deficiencies, supervising installation, testing, and commissioning to save travel expenses and ensure Uptime Institute issues awarding letters and Tier Certification foil.
      • Prepare all pre-requisites and coordinate with the Uptime Institute commissioning team at each phase (design, construction, acceptance, operations)

      LEED Certification

      • 70–80% of data center capital costs from power and cooling systems.
      • LEED consultants develop pre-requisite documentation and assist the LEED commissioning team at each phase (design, construction, acceptance, occupancy).

      DC Standard TIA-942 Certifications

      Flint consultants assist their clients in achieving ANTI/TIA-942 certifications from authorised partners.

      DCDV – Data Centre Design Validation:

      • Review of detailed design or as-built drawings package
      • Report indicating major or minor non-conformity
      • Meetings with project teams
      • Review of revised design document package
      • Award of Design Conformity Certificate
      • Validity – 1 Year

      DCCC – Data Centre Conformity Certification:

      • Verify if data centre has been implemented as per DCDV
      • Perform on-site audit of the physical data centre facilities
      • Report indicating major or minor non-conformity
      • Award of Construction Conformity Certificate
      • Validity – 3 Year

      DC Standard BICSI-002 Certifications

      Flint’s in-house BICSI certified RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) and DCDC (Data Center Design Consultant) use their personal authorised BICSI stamps to help customers receive sign-off on their construction design documents against international standards.

      • Initial Planning Stage:

      An RCDD or DCDC helps create a smart design, evaluating the initial and future needs. By minimising costly change orders, an RCDD / DCDC can save customers valuable time and money.

      • Mid-project:

      RCDD/DCDC manages the infrastructure installation and guides the design team so that they follow the correct design methodology and make any modifications as needed.

      • Project Completion:

      An RCDD / DCDC adds credibility to a project by signing off when the project is complete.

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