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We are passionate about our people, and our people are passionate about us. We believe that our differences make us better, and teamwork makes us stronger. Building trusting relationships through open communication, mutual respect, and shared goals makes us successful.

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    At Flint, we know that candidates are more than their CV. We want to get to know you and what you are looking for in your career. We understand that even if a job fits your qualifications, it might not be the right match for you. Many factors influence the decision about taking on an opportunity. Listening and understanding your needs is our priority in finding the right job for you.

    With more than 20 years within the ICT community, we are well connected and have a deep understanding of this ever-evolving market. We support our candidates with excellent training, interview preparation, and continual professional development to keep you at the cutting edge of new and emerging technologies.


    At Flint, we are always forthright, respectful, and transparent. Our working style is straightforward and honourable. We always seek to provide a high-quality customer experience, offer comprehensive solutions to our costumer’s challenges, and complete all tasks right the first time.


    We respect and embrace the diversity of our Customers, Colleagues and Associates.


    For us, professionalism also means bringing the best version of ourselves to the office and understanding we are the strongest when working together, step by step, making our best even a little better.


    Innovation is our drive. We pride ourselves on adapting quickly to new challenges, best practices, and technological advancements. The ICT industry is continuously transforming, that is why we need to show great agility, flexibility, and creativity and deeply respect the knowledge, skills, ideas, and capabilities that each employee brings to the Flint Team.


    Our innovation is based on continuous learning and development. We are open-minded, and we have the courage to embrace new information, new ideas and new ways of thinking to deliver the best solutions for our customers.


    Ask any of our customers or staff, we care. We care about their challenges, needs and problems. We care about our employees, their families, and their well-being.


    Flint is a global company, working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. We believe in equal opportunities for all and the importance of diversity and inclusiveness.


    We feel that it is important that we can all be ourselves in the workplace. This creates an open, honest, and genuine environment. We can be personable, honest, approachable, and fair but at the same time excellent businesspeople.

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    Hear From Our Team Members

    Working for Flint is anything but boring! The diverse opportunities, the ability to work worldwide with different cultures and on various interesting projects; being part of constantly evolving technology, always learning, and always striving to deliver the best; and the team spirit, the relationship with co-workers that you can call friends. I really love it all; it helps me grow professionally and personally.

    Maja Podbevšek

    Technical Solutions Architect, Flint SI

    I have known the staff at Flint for the past 10 years and in that time, I have either worked directly for Flint or have been placed in employment by Flint. I must say Flint is a great company, with amazingly helpful staff who have helped shape my career.

    Zia Kamaly


    I joined Flint in the UK IT Support team amidst the height of the Covid-19 pandemic Even so, the year has flown by, and my knowledge has grown ten-fold. Starting any job remotely is always difficult, but everyone here at Flint has welcomed me warmly and I’ve always been given any help I needed.

    Josh Kelly

    IT support Engineer, Flint UK

    In the 13 years I have been contracting, I rate Flint as one of the best Managed Service Providers I have worked with. I have always been impressed with the professionalism and the friendly approach taken. The attention to both the needs of the Client and support to their Contractors are second to none. They are always contactable and able to help with any challenge and I look forward to working with them again in future.



    Flint challenges me and my professional development on so many levels. I have a sense of belonging with the people I work with and enjoy the company culture. Working in an environment where I can freely share my ideas is a great feeling. Being heard by an employer makes one feel valued, which I am truly blessed with at Flint.

    Michelle Olivier

    Sales Operations Specialist, Flint SSA

    I have been liaising with Flint for a while now and I have found their staff to be professional, polite, and very approachable. Flint’s team not only provided me with a detailed job description of the open position, but they also took care of every process along the way; from interview to end of the contract. They have impeccable knowledge of the industries they serve and are always able to explain the tasks associated with the offered position. I would recommend Flint to a candidate seeking a trustworthy business full of hardworking people.

    D. Celik

    Telecom Consultant

    Flint is a successful and growing company. I am proud to be a part of its growth. Flint operates internationally and, therefore, offers a wealth of interesting projects as well as opportunities. The family-like, appreciative, and target-oriented corporate culture provides the basis for successful and harmonious cooperation among the employees.

    Andreas Krämer

    Finance and Administration, Flint Germany

    I joined Flint as a network engineer apprentice in 2019. Flint provided a clear path for my development as a network engineer and an environment that is very supportive and inspirational. The management and the vast knowledge of the senior Engineers combined with the internal and external training resources guarantee that I keep up with evolving technologies.

    Michael Tsakas

    Network Engineer, Flint UK

    A friend of mine suggested looking into the possibilities that Flint has to offer, and I did. I’m thankful for his support, as he steered me in the right direction professionally. Through Flint, I found my true vocational calling. I appreciate the time and effort my co-workers have put into, 'showing me the ropes', and ensuring I have all the required knowledge to excel at my job!

    Shuja Shamsi

    Business Development Manager, Flint MENA