Michelle Olivier (Sales Operations Specialist, Flint SSA)

I started with Flint almost a year ago and I could not have asked for a better opportunity. The company challenges me and my professional development on so many levels. I have a sense of belonging with the people I work with and enjoy the company culture. Working in an environment where I can freely share my ideas is a great feeling. Being heard by an employer makes one feel valued, which I am truly blessed with at Flint. I love my flexibility with my hours.  Flint’s leaders encourage me to succeed with specific goals, which allows me to be driven and focused on my work. They give me the tools to reach those goals; few things feel as good as reaching a goal you’ve been working towards to accomplish. The ever-changing nature of our work keeps me interested and motivated allowing me to feel more engaged and fulfilled.  I have been working with partners in Africa for over 15 years, and being able to connect with them and introduce Flint’s Vision has been amazing; they are always interested and excited about the services and products we can deliver and that enables me to keep a long-standing relationship fresh. Because my position in Flint is so diverse, it allows me to use initiative and reach beyond what I know.

Operations has always been a key factor in my work and something I truly love to do. When you believe in yourself, you automatically have the strength to persist, achieve, and exceed your goals. There are always situations that you cannot control in life, but when you stay positive and always look forward, every new day is better than yesterday.

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