Josh Kelly (IT Support Engineer, Flint UK)

I joined Flint in the UK IT Support team amidst the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even so, the year has flown by, and my knowledge has grown ten-fold. Starting any job remotely is always difficult, but everyone here at Flint has welcomed me warmly and I’ve always been given any help I needed.

Working at Flint has allowed me to grow my knowledge of IT systems, Microsoft 365, and more, with opportunities offered by Flint to study for additional qualifications and certifications. One of the biggest parts I enjoy about the job is looking at ways to design and develop tools that make my colleagues’ lives that bit easier.

Because of my role in Flint, I get to build relations with not just the UK team but also teams around the globe from South Africa to Saudi Arabia allowing me to be able to provide that one-to-one support in a matter of seconds. IT is always changing and being IT support at Flint allows me to test out and get hands on with new releases and patches before the general public. I am thoroughly enjoying my time working at Flint and looking forward to seeing what else the job brings.

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