Our people make the difference. Meet Flint’s senior leadership team, which guides and supports our exceptional staff of 1800.
Neil Burbidge - Flint Group CEO
Neil Burbidge
Group CEO

Scott Moore - Flint Company Director
Scott Moore
Company Director

Keith Barker - Flint Company Director
Keith Barker
Company Director

Alan Bryant_Flint UK Managing Director
Alan Bryant
Managing Director Flint UK and Ireland

Richard Carter_Flint Group Chairman
Richard Carter
Group Chairman

Peter Henderson - Flint Group Strategy Director
Peter Henderson
Group Strategy Director

Ian Ashford - Flint Group Sales and Marketing Director
Ian Ashford
Group Sales and Marketing Director

Ian Sandman_Flint UK Sales Director
Ian Sandman
Flint UK Sales Director

Nina Hudnik - Flint SI Managing Director
Nina Hudnik
Managing Director Flint SI

Andrew Goodchild_Regional Manager Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan
Andrew Goodchild
Regional Manager Eastern Europe

Anas Al Mofleh_Flint MENA Chairman
Anas Al Mofleh
Flint MENA Chairman

Salahuddin Khaja_Managing Director Flint MENA
Salahuddin Khaja
Managing Director Flint MENA

Martin Camp_Managing Director South Africa
Martin Camp
Managing Director South Africa

Özcan Nalbant_Managing Director Flint Germany and Turkey
Özcan Nalbant
Managing Director Flint Germany and Turkey

Colin Levy - Country Manager Flint North America
Colin Levey
Country Manager Flint North America

Flavio Sticozzi_Managing Director Flint Italy
Flavio Sticozzi
Managing Director Flint Italy

Gert van der Merwe
Managing Director Flint Sub Saharan Africa

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