From Flint Apprentice to Engineer: Lewis’s Journey

At the end of last year, we were excited to welcome Lewis Norman to the Flint family as a full-time employee after a two-year technical apprenticeship. Lewis has joined Flint as a network engineer and is already a key member of our Flint UK team.

Lewis, what originally attracted you to an apprenticeship programme?

For me, the initial attraction to an apprenticeship scheme was the self-development opportunities in both the career and personal aspects. An apprenticeship offers exposure to the industry while making new connections, as well as high-level qualifications and a competitive salary.

And what particularly appealed to you about the apprenticeship opportunity with Flint?

It appealed to me because I knew that Flint was already a well-established telecommunications company with a range of different scopes of work. I knew that I would have the opportunity to learn a broad variety of new skills in all aspects of IT.

Looking back and I know it’s a long time ago!, but what were your views of Flint when joining?

It was apparent to me that there were a lot of technically minded and experienced employees, all of which were very welcoming and supportive. It seemed like an environment where I could excel and perform well in.

And what have you particularly enjoyed during the apprenticeship?

The main thing which I found enjoyable was the continuous learning curve. I found that I was always picking up new skills from the ‘real world’ projects I was involved in, both technical from an engineering perspective as well as practical skills such as interacting with customers.

What aspects did you find difficult or challenging during the apprenticeship?

The thing that I found difficult was simultaneously the best and hardest thing about the program—managing the educational side of things such as exam-related tasks as well as project responsibilities. This could sometimes prove to be a challenge. However, along the way it taught me important prioritisation skills.

Do you feel that Flint supported you during the apprenticeship programme?

Yes, definitely. My mentors at Flint have supported my development over the last two years by finding projects and tasks which were suitable for my knowledge level while also pushing my boundaries at the same time. Flint also would always support and encourage me to learn new topics and sit exams to enhance my skillset.

What did you learn about yourself during the apprenticeship programme?

I learned that if you embrace things with a positive mental attitude, you can achieve a lot and go a long way. Additionally, I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability to tackle tasks that I may have previously doubted myself in.

What are you looking forward to now as you joined Flint as an Engineer?

Now that I have some knowledge and experience under my belt, I look forward to diving into things from an engineering perspective and using those skills I have accumulated over the course of the apprenticeship scheme.

Finally, would you recommend an Apprenticeship at Flint to others and what would be your one piece of advice?

I would absolutely recommend an apprenticeship at Flint to others. The one piece of advice that I would offer would be to ensure that you stay consistent with your studying and aren’t afraid to push your boundaries. I would also suggest never be afraid to ask questions, as everyone at Flint is supportive of your development!

The Flint Apprenticeship Programme

“The objective of our Apprenticeship programme is to find and develop unrealised engineering potential. We provide opportunities for new-to-industry and new-to-network-engineering and are very proud of everyone in the programme. The long-term plans for this programme are to continue to bridge the gap between college and the world of work and develop skilled and capable network engineers to be a part of the Flint team,” says Richard Taylor, Head of Services and Support, who is the Manager of our Apprenticeship Programme.

“I am absolutely delighted with Lewis’s progress and achievements. We had four apprentices in our programme and Lewis is the first to graduate. He is already a key member of the team and is continuing his learning journey with further training and professional certification,” Richard adds on Lewis joining our UK engineering team.

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