Rethinking Technology Adoption

In the fast-paced world of information technology, new systems, tools, and services emerge frequently. They usually promise to work better, faster, and outdo old “conventional” technology.

It is up to you to decide if following a new direction or sticking with what you know is the right decision for your company. Will you choose to jump on the bandwagon and stay on track with new tech-solutions or stay on the “safe” side and carry on with familiar solutions. How do you typically master new technology adoption?


Probably most of us at least want to know what the fuss about shiny novelties is. Getting familiar with new modern tools and topics can help you come up with new ideas, which can help your company save money and valuable time. Additionally, you can impress your coworkers at the morning water cooler chat with some new buzzwords and knowledge.

Reading an article or promotional material can give you a glimpse into why implementing a new solution might be a good idea. However, to truly understand the necessity and the proper application, you will probably need to spend more time wrestling with the novelties and getting your hands dirty (despite what WHO says).

Do you usually have a game plan on how to enact new solutions, or do you typically just freestyle your way into it?

Flint’s Training and Enablement Philosophy

If you are fond of productivity books, you probably encountered the concept of learning by teaching. At Flint, we strongly believe in the learning by teaching methodology and use it in regard to our customers and within the company during the onboarding process of new engineers.


We love the concept of teaching the things we work on so much that we even based our entity in Slovenia, Flint SI, on pursuing the goal of mixing Professional Services (PS), Content Creation (CC), and Training and Enablement (TE). This mixture makes for a strong foundation that supports our cause — developing solutions that help moving organizations into the right direction, while educating them along the way.

How Flint Makes Sure to Always Deliver Services at the Highest Level

We are skilled experts in the automation of service provider and enterprise networks, data center automation, and similar intelligent solutions. Preferentially, we use technologies such as Cisco NSO, Cisco SD-WAN, ThousandEyes, Cisco ACI, Python, Docker, and Ansible.

The educational aspect of our customer delivery supports us in keeping our portfolio at the highest level. Our team develops and delivers training for courses such as Cisco DevNet Associate and Core, Cisco NSO portfolio, Cisco SD-WAN courses, ThousandEyes, and comparable customized training from the world of networking, Linux, programming, and DevOps.

While working on PS projects with our customers, we always educate our customers on why and how we are implementing certain solutions. Our expertise from the CC and TE world shines through PS, as we always strive to not “just” deliver a project but to leave the customers confident with the solution. And it goes the other way around too; everything that we learn while working on PS projects is incorporated into the courses we develop and deliver. This way the three pillars that define our approach (PS, CC, and TE), support each other in their cause—exchanging knowledge that can be then shared in any of the three forms with our customers.

Curious about how we can help your company to smoothly adopt new technology and educate your employees while delivering high-end solutions? Contact us at [email protected] or through our LinkedIn profile.

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