Supporting Your VMware Virtualisation Journey

The virtualisation of applications, servers, storage and networks is one of the key tools to increase IT flexibility and scalability. Flint helps companies to transform into a modern, flexible business, and offers modular service packages for vendors to support pre-sales, implementation and SLA.

For more than 20 years, Flint has been working with some of the ICT industry’s most prominent vendors, supporting them, among others, with professional services. Ian Ashford, Director of Sales and Marketing at Flint, explains the decision, why many vendors leverage Flint’s expert knowledge in their own technologies: “It goes without saying that all of the vendors that Flint is fortunate enough to work with have very strong, in-depth expertise and experience in their own technology. However, the skills required to support a number of the adjacent platforms or technologies that form part of an end-to-end solution tend not to be retained in-house. The vendor makes a decision around whether these skills are core to their business, and therefore need to be brought in house, or context and can be fulfilled through external expertise and often elects to leverage the Flint team.”

This way, vendors can avoid making a costly internal investment and gain additional flexibility to scale up or down based on customer demand. Flint’s extensive network of local partners and entities throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and North America also gives vendors access to trained engineers in areas where they might lack local support. This is especially important in environments where lack of support staff, connectivity and reliable power can cause major headaches for companies if not implemented in a robust and supportable model, often with a need for remote support.

An All-Round Virtualisation Support Solution for the VMware Platform

“One area where we have seen a significant increase in demand for professional services and scalability is the VMware platform upon which many virtual solutions now reside. As we always listen closely to the needs of our partners, we decided that this was one area we needed to invest in and offer our clients a comprehensive solution”, Ian emphasis Flint’s customer-first approach to the creation of new services.

Flint’s modular VMware service work packages provide customers and partners with support throughout the lifecycle of a virtualised solution. The services could be used for anything from bare metal implementation to specific development and testing of OVA packages to allow for consistent development and performance-based analysis of the virtual environment.

We offer seven work packages with predictable cost and outcome:

  1. Basic VMware Installation
  2. OVA Template Creation & Testing
  3. Performance Tuning
  4. Health Check
  5. VMware Integration
  6. Rollout Support
  7. Lifecycle Support

VMware Virtualisation Tailored to the Telco environment

Building on our Telco experience and our deployments into the Packet Core environments for these entities, we tailored our latest VMware service work packages for the Telco environment. They cater to any VMware requirements in the Telco arena while using our trusted methodologies and processes.

“We have a number of live engagement ongoing that allow us to create lessons learnt that we use to continually update our best practices to support our drive for operational excellence and the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction”, Ian stresses. Flint is a trusted partner and service provider of many global vendors. They especially value Flint’s insider’s view of the Telco environment and the complexities that come with it. “Our industry is constantly changing; new challenges arise frequently. Flint is determined to support its customers through this shifting landscape by listening to them and understanding their needs.”

For more information on our new work packages, please download our VMware Virtualisation Work Packages data sheet.

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