Flint’s Devotion to 5G Innovation

Since its beginnings in 1999 Flint has been at the forefront of implementing new mobile technology solutions. The company has supported its clients by providing technical staff and professional services from assisting the implementation of early days mobile packet cores to laying the groundwork for a 5G ready network. Once again Flint will be the consulting company of choice for many customers as they embark on their 5G journey.

In the newest edition of UK5G’s Innovation Briefing Flint Sales Director Ian Ashford highlights the challenges many companies have to overcome before launching their first 5G projects. The introduction of new technology always opens a lot of questions and Flint is ready to provide answers to customers.

“The technologies within 5G bring huge advantages to us all. There will be new use cases for the networks, new industry segments to target, new customer issues to solve and of course, that all brings in new revenue opportunities,” Ian emphasizes in the article, but also points out, that most companies don’t have the capacity or capability to take on 5G projects on their own.

You Are Not Alone with Your 5G Challenges

Flint has more than 20 years of experience in supporting companies to accelerate new mobile technology adoption. The company assists its customers with tailor-made outsourcing and staff augmentation solutions as well as professional services and managed services. Recently it has also launched a software centre of excellence focusing on automation and orchestration to support its customers. This way Flint offers an all-round service for companies looking to launch their first 5G projects.

You’ll find Flint now listed in the UK5G Innovation Network’s Supplier directory, an organization that aims “to increase efficiency in building effective 5G innovation trials within the UK”.

“We understand that access to technical skills is likely to be the single biggest challenge facing companies looking to adopt 5G and drive the benefits of this technology to their customers. At Flint, we would like to make our years of mobile expertise available to the market to accelerate adoption and time to benefit.”

Ian Ashford, Sales Director at Flint

Through the years Flint has integrated 3GPP / ETSI interfaces from a wide range of vendors (e.g. Cisco, Ericsson, Affirmed and Juniper) and various NFVIs from different companies. The company, closely working with key customers, has also developed work packages for the deployment of new technologies, that effectively reduce time to respond to customer requirements and provide a predictable cost and outcome.

No matter where you are in your 5G journey, Flint is proud to support you on your way. You can find more information about the services Flint offers its clients on the UK5G Innovation Network’s Supplier directory or on our Services page.

Highlighted 5G Services

Flint has demonstrable skills and knowledge in the processes and complexity of interoperability testing and multi-vendor integrations in compliance with Standards.

Examples of mobile VNFs supported include:

  • SGSN
  • MME
  • GGSN
  • ePDG
  • CPS (PCRF)

Services Flint offers:

  • System integration for MNOs and Private Networks
  • Project management
  • RAN – small cells and SDN/CloudRAN
  • Fibre backhaul
  • Stand alone and non-stand alone Mobile Network Operator Core Network and Private Network Core Network
  • Security Gateway/Certification Authority server/Firewalls
  • OSS/BSS [operations and business support systems]

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