Time for Reflection & Thanks

Taking the time to reflect on the last few months, the Flint team would like to say a big word of thanks for the support shown by our customers during the lockdown.

You have kept our team of technical experts fully engaged on business-critical projects throughout these challenging times.

You have found creative ways of working, of onboarding new engineers, of imaging laptops to access your networks without shipping hardware and providing secure remote access to technical resources as needed.

Without your swift and constructive efforts in response to the challenge of Covid-19 the impact of lockdown on individuals and businesses would have been worse and more enduring.

With necessity being the mother of all invention, a number of new ways of working that were implemented are likely to become best practices and allow us to work more efficiently and effectively moving forward.

We, like many others, have been fortunate to have been working in the Service Provider space during these last few months in an industry that has kept us all connected, talking, collaborating, working, shopping online and watching Netflix.

The unique set of circumstances that this situation has driven has also acted as a catalyst to launch new strategic initiatives:
– UC security assessments and health checks, and
– Digital Transformation Services.

These initiatives will help ensure that the new way of working will be not only productive and interactive but also secure, as the boundaries of the enterprise extend much further outside the front door of the office than ever before.

They also specifically target the requirement we have seen to guide businesses on how to adopt and embrace the technology they have been purchasing for so many years; so that this new way of working doesn’t have to be something that is imposed upon us but actually becomes the preferred way of working delivering significant benefits to employer and employee in equal measure.

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