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A success that started in 2018, and will continue into 2019, is Flint’s involvement with Abbeywood School and its Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) scheme. Abbeywood Community School is a mixed secondary school in Stoke Gifford, South Gloucestershire. With some 1,200 students, it has strong and rich academic competencies, as well as a large portfolio of after-school activities to develop and round its students; an example of which is the DofE scheme.

Cole Simpson, Abbeywood’s DofE lead said, “The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is unique in giving our students an opportunity to stretch themselves outside the normal academic boundaries. Often based around activities in the countryside, hiking, camping, and navigation our students learn life skills in a fun team-based and supportive environment. I absolutely see the personal development in our students when through taking on the challenges of the DofE they grow into their bigger selves.”

Specifically, Cole said, “Thanks to our corporate partners for their sponsorship and ongoing support to Abbeywood’s DofE scheme. This support has enabled us to develop strong plans to deliver an inclusive enrichment programme for our students around DofE.

“Sponsorship money has been designated towards the purchase of group and personal kit. An order is being finalised and will be made when all students provide size details. The sponsorship money has allowed ACS to offer DofE to pupil premium students completely free of charge. This includes the cost of the trip and all personal kit needed.

“Furthermore, plans for the Silver Award launch are being put into place. Silver will be offered in year ten and year 12 in 2019. There is a continuing plan to build year on year, increasing both in number of students and the variety of award on offer. And I am in early discussions with another school about offering Gold in 2020. This would be open to year 13 students who have completed their Silver Award. This would mean that within three years, all three levels of DofE will be available to students at ACS.”

Neil Burbidge, Managing Director of Flint noted, “I’m really pleased that we have had the opportunity to support Abbeywood’s DofE scheme and that the injection of sponsorship has meant that this is open to all students. I think DofE helps teach young people, absolutely, the right behaviours such as self-reliance, grit and determination, as well as a planning mindset required to overcome big challenges. These are the best attributes in any company and with any customer! Good luck for 2019!”

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