New Country Manager Flavio Sticozzi on Flint Italy

In March, Flavio Sticozzi joined the Flint family as the new country manager of Flint Italy. Italy, home to more than 60 million people and Europe’s fourth largest economy, is a strategically important market for Flint. Now, two months after taking on his new role, we asked Flavio to share his first impressions and future goals.

Flint has been actively involved in the Italian market for a number of years. In 2018 the company opened Flint Italy’s offices to deepen further its relationship with local businesses and better support its international customers’ endeavours in this Southern European country.

“Italy has always been an early adopter of new technology and an innovator in the market. Flint’s investment in services to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in enterprise networking, data centre and automation creates a natural affinity with the region”, Ian Ashford, Director of Sales & Marketing at Flint, describes the special bond that ties Flint and Italy.

Flint has been fortunate to establish very strong customer relationships in Italy over the last few years and has currently deployed a team of nearly 50 project managers and engineers on customer sites. “Whilst the services we deliver today are largely dominated by staff augmentation requests, we see an ever-increasing requirement to provide turn-key services to our customers, especially in these new technology areas, to allow them to transfer risk and responsibility of an end-to-end project to the Flint team to deliver on their behalf. Our investment in Italy reflects our belief that it is, and will continue to be, an extremely important, exciting and innovative region”, Ian emphasises Flint’s devotion to the Italian market.

Get to Know the Newest Addition to Flint Italy’s Management Team

Flavio Sticozzi brings more than 25 years of working in the Telecoms industry to his role as Flint Italy’s country manager. With engagements in Italy and abroad, he thrives in an international environment, collaborating with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Flavio graduated from the University in Turin, where he studied Computer Science. His in-depth technical knowledge ensures Customers an insider’s view of the industry.

“Flint is a growing company with a lot of potentialities. When I had my interview, I recognised the opportunity to contribute to its future growth”, Flavio describes his decision to join Flint. “After my interview, I had a very good impression of the Flint Group management team. Now, after two months, I can confirm that there is a real feeling of community across the company. Of course, as in any company, there is always room for improvement, especially as the company expands its reach and services, but this is all done with a very positive attitude within Flint.”

Putting Flint Italy’s Customers’ Needs First

Flint Italy’s new country manager is highly customer-focused, building strong relationships with existing and new customers. “Flint Italy has strong thies with its traditional customers, and for me, the most important goal is protecting these special relationships. Starting my role, I focused my efforts on confirming our commitment to them, in any possible way we can”, emphasises his commitment to our existing customers.

Flavio feels a strong commitment to jointly set objectives, takes on the responsibility to fulfil them and always searches for all possible alternatives to provide a viable solution to any business need. “Moving forward, my objective is to evolve Flint’s perception as a partner that can provide strategic services, share business risks and promote our company’s visibility”, Flavio shares on his future plans.

Supporting Customers Through a Shifting Landscape

The ICT sector is constantly evolving, with new opportunities arising and challenges to overcome. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technology additionally across all industries. “Telco customers, in particular, continue to invest in the infrastructural ability to support the ever-increasing demand for connectivity. However, the challenge is to translate connectivity to business advantage and efficiency, often provided by service capabilities. Identifying the right partner to execute and deploy projects with is a key aspect of success. Flint aims at providing these abilities to its customers”, Flavio stresses the importance of strategic partnerships and finding the right partners at the right time.

And what projects is Flint Italy’s country manager most excited about right now? “Apart from our customers’ journey, I would say that ORAN and 5G MPN are the areas that are the most exciting for me. I see great opportunities for Flint to contribute with experience and services in these areas.”

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