Flint Sponsors the National Museum of Computing to Extend Its New Online Remote Learning Packages

Thanks to sponsorship from consulting and telecoms firm, Flint, the museum is offering free remote learning packages to underprivileged students from across the UK.

The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park, Monday 12th October – The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC), an independent charity, announced its new online remote learning packages which go live on went live last week. The remote learning packages extend the highly successful in-person programmes, reimagined for the online learning world, giving students an interactive and fun experience with STEM subjects during a difficult time for teaching. A video explaining the new programme is available to watch here.

For the museum’s online remote learning programme, they are offering 45-minute sessions with two themes to choose from: World War II codebreaking or modern electric computing – as well as the choice, to do both. The programmes can be tailored not only to support schools but also universities, colleges, home education groups, and academics. Full details on their learning packages can be found here.

As a charity, the museum is always focused on how it can give back, and this still applies when it comes to their remote learning programme. TNMOC, with sponsorship from Flint, will provide the remote learning programme to students from underprivileged backgrounds and areas from all across the UK.

The aim of the sponsorship and programme is to help encourage more students to engage with STEM subjects and to inspire the next generation of software developers, hardware engineers, and beyond. With the sessions hoping to give students a deeper understanding of the technology around them and show that they too can be involved in developing the technology of the future.

As Keith Barker, Founder at Flint commented; “The UK has a great tradition in computing and technology. By supporting The National Museum of Computing we’re trying to give back a little to our industry and spark excitement in young people to help develop the next generation of engineers. I was lucky enough to serve a technology apprenticeship, and we have a small apprenticeship programme running in Flint. In our small way, we want to help grow the competence in our technology sector for the betterment of all.”

On the museum’s new remote learning packages, Education Coordinator for TNMOC, Anne-Marie Langford says: ‘the new remote learning packages provide expert knowledge and access to the museum’s collection from the safety and comfort of your classroom or learning space. The packages give students a positive learning experience which differs from the usual classroom lesson, offering first-hand insight into key STEM concepts, leaving students with a new-found perspective and, hopefully, inspiration to get more involved in STEM.’

To take advantage of this, teachers who think their students would benefit from the free remote learning packages can get in touch with the museum by emailing [email protected].

About The National Museum of Computing

The National Museum of Computing brings to life the history and ongoing development of computing for the enjoyment and benefit of the general public and specialists. The Museum combines a distinctive approach to engagement with an emphasis on British computing heritage and on-going innovation. TNMOC acquires, conserves, restores, and rebuilds historic computing machinery. Our approach is furthered through a process of engagement, with the display and demonstration of historical systems. The Museum runs a highly successful learning programme for schools and colleges and introduces computer coding to young people to help inspire the next generation of computer scientists and engineers. The Museum also runs a popular, on-going program of festivals, lectures, and interpreted displays, and interactive events.

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