Flint International Acquires Mea-Tech

Flint and Mea-Tech’s joint mission and vision is to empower Saudi nationals and support the accelerated adoption of the latest technology while embracing the initiatives laid out in the Saudi Vision 2030 and delivering high-quality services to local and global customers.

Flint has been actively involved in the Middle East for many years, building strong customer relationships and supporting local talent in this demanding market. Since 2016, Flint’s permanent office in Riyadh has provided local assistance to customers and developed services tailored to serve specific local demands.

Mea-Tech, also based in Riyadh, was established in 1997 and has grown into a renowned organisation with many loyal and valued customers. Mea-Tech’s specialisation in staff augmentation and payroll services, with more than 1,000 contractors deployed on customer sites, is supplemented by Flint’s expertise in these same areas both locally and throughout the rest of the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Russia and North America – providing increased geographical coverage for Mea-Tech’s valued customer base.

“Mea-Tech’s mission was and is to always provide its customers with the support they need to reach their business goals. Over the years we have grown into a renowned company, known for its strong position in the local market. Our decision to join the Flint family will further empower our vision of being a leader in providing comprehensive services to customers in Saudi Arabia and beyond,” Mea-Tech CEO and Flint MENA Chairman Anas Al Mofleh confidently welcomes the acquisition.

Leveraging Synergies Between Flint and Mea-Tech

The acquisition comes naturally, as Mea-Tech’s expertise complements Flint’s Strategic Resourcing services. “Both companies are very well-established suppliers of resourcing and payroll services in the Saudi market. Joining forces will allow us to work even more efficiently and give our customers access to a vast pool of local talent,” elaborates Flint Group CEO Neil Burbidge.

Flint’s professional services, software development and learning services will provide the Mea-Tech customer base with access to a new and enhanced portfolio of services and, importantly, a global staff augmentation and resourcing capability. The acquisition of Mea-Tech will also strengthen Flint’s presence in the Middle East and bring additional flexibility and stability to its customers. “We are combining Mea-Tech’s local expertise and talent pool with Flint’s global capabilities and diverse service portfolio. Customers can therefore look forward to new services adjusted to local demands and enhanced high-quality solutions,” promises Managing Director of Flint MENA Salahuddin Khaja.

Flint and Mea-Tech’s Mission to Empower Local Talent

The Saudi market has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. The Saudi Vision 2030 brings additional initiatives and new regulations which will impact the way business is conducted. At Flint, we are ready to embrace these changes, and the acquisition of Mea-Tech will strengthen our presence and position in this evolving business landscape,” assures Neil Burbidge. Joining forces with Mea-Tech marks a significant investment from Flint to support its customers and contractors in this challenging and complex market.

Embracing the Saudi Vision 2030 means investing in long-term initiatives. We will leverage this acquisition by creating a Flint Saudi Academy that adds value and helps support the placement of Saudi Nationals through educational programmes and professional development. This will be one of the ways we support the demand for local talent that new Saudisation policies bring,” elaborates Salahuddin Khaja on the Flint and Mea-Tech joint entity’s future plans.

We commit to all our customers – Mea-Tech’s and Flint’s – that this acquisition will ensure the highest quality of service is delivered to customers both new and old, with enhanced knowledge and additional best practices throughout the new entity. Our joint venture will ensure financial and operational stability and flexibility to manage new and changing requirements, while also strengthening our presence in the local market and beyond,” assures Anas Al Mofleh.

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