Flint Colombia – To Boldly Go Where Our Partners Need Us To

For nearly 25 years, Flint has been dedicated to supporting customers and partners wherever their needs emerge. Our guiding principle, “To boldly go where our customers have unique business requirements or demands,” has consistently propelled Flint’s enduring partnerships and global expansion. We are delighted to announce our latest venture: the expansion into South America with Flint Colombia.”

Flint’s global network has grown immensely in the last few years. In 2023, Flint expanded its reach into the Oceania region with Flint Australia, and 2024 got off to an excellent start with the founding of Flint Colombia. Flint now supports its customers on all continents (except for Antarctica, but we’re looking into that one too), ensuring the best solutions for their needs and challenges.

In recent years, the Colombian market has blossomed into a vibrant hub for technology and innovation, attracting investment from large international IT organizations. These investors are particularly interested in gaining access to the skills base of more than 1.5 million IT professionals at very attractive market rates. They aim to create competitive shared service centres to support North and South America in a cost-effective and agile manner. The market offers financially attractive rates, low churn rates that distinguish the workforce from other low-cost delivery centres, and excellent language skills. This, of course, is in addition to the time zone synergy with the US and Canada.

Flint Colombia – Our New Regional Service Delivery Centre

In 2021, Flint strengthened its ties with the Americas with the creation of Flint North America. Since then, our local team has been diligently serving our American and global customers, rapidly expanding to include more than 30 contractors. To further solidify our dedication to our customers and cater to their requirements, we introduced Flint Colombia. This new endeavour aims to offer a cost-effective, near-shore delivery centre to serve the Americas.

To support our customers, we have expedited the creation of a local Service Delivery team. This team leverages the benefits mentioned and our learning services capability from the team in Slovenia to enhance existing skills with the unique software skills required by the vendor. The team, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking architects, developers, and project managers, is set to interface seamlessly with the vendor and their end customers. The approach involves an onboarding phase, ensuring a smooth transition of work responsibilities to the local team. With a multilingual team spanning Colombia, India, and Portugal, we are ready to provide a mix of contractor and outcomes-based engagements to meet the unique demands of our clients.

Growing Business Through Being Supported by Flint

Outside of the immediate engagement, we have seen a growing demand for a similar service to support the growth of our other clients being faced with similar issues from their customers. How do they grow their business at the speed they enjoy today but with a different cost model that ensures they meet the requirements (and budgets) of their end customers?

At Flint, our guiding principle is to empower our partners and customers according to their growth needs, with flexibility and agility as our greatest strengths. These qualities enable us to go boldly into new and exciting territories, even when they prove challenging. We prioritise finding solutions to our customers’ challenges and take proactive steps to implement them, ensuring their needs are met seamlessly and with their best interests in mind. By addressing their concerns head-on and implementing tailored solutions, we aim to provide exceptional support and foster long-term partnerships.

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