5G: The Future Is Here, and It’s Not Going to Wait for You to Be Ready

Technology is always evolving, faster than any of us are expecting, always presenting us with new challenges. 5G is ready to be implemented by both MNO and Enterprises, but are they ready to adopt it?

“Sometimes it can be hard to stop the talking and start the action,” Ian Ashford, sales director at Flint International, summarizes the struggle of many companies regarding 5G. 5G puts many companies in a difficult position deciding on where to put their limited resources – should they work on new projects and solutions or focus on pre-5G projects, that still guarantee a steady revenue stream?

Do Not Let the Competition Overtake You

Getting into the 5G “game” is crucial for any company that is looking forward to a bright future. 5G’s main advantages of greater bandwidth and reduced network latency create a series of innovative use cases that, in turn, open up exciting new business opportunities.

That is why companies, as with any new technology development, need to act and work fast to provide their customers with suitable and attractive products. Waiting too long to start their 5G projects can cause them to lose customers to companies already developing 5G solutions.

Many companies, however, do not have the manpower to work simultaneously on existing projects, that bring revenue today, and future 5G solutions, that will bring revenue tomorrow. As Ian describes it: “Often the internal experts are not available to be freed up to work on the new, and as yet untested, 5G projects.” However, even if a company can get its best engineers working on these new projects, are they really the best people for the job?

Find the Right Solution for Your Company to Ramp-up 5g Development

Flint’s engineers have been working on 5G network solutions since this new technology has taken its very first steps. Working closely with global mobile network providers Ian knows exactly where the cause of many struggles in the development lies and how to help companies overcome them. In the newest edition of the UK5G Magazine, he points out the two main issues that hold back 5G development in companies and how Flint can support companies overcome this struggle.

Capacity and capability, as already mentioned, are often the biggest culprits that slow down and hold back 5G projects. The best people need to focus on projects that bring revenue and can’t be spared to work on not yet profitable 5G development, or, “your best people are the best at meeting your current requirements, but they may not be the best for the new 5G requirements” as Ian puts it.

So how can Flint help companies overcome the challenges related to 5G adoption? Outsourcing can provide a valuable solution, that will help accelerate new technologies. With more than two decades of experience in the mobile networks field, Flint can supply a tailor-made outsourcing solution that will fit any company. As Ian stresses: “Outsourcing – when done well and with the right partners – is about supplementing a company’s team.”

Read more about how outsourcing can help companies accelerate 5G adoption in Ian’s article Accelerating 5G Adoption published in the newest UK5G Magazine. We will also be sharing the article on our Insights page and LinkedIn profile later this month.

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