IT Engineers of Tomorrow

We have all grown accustomed to the blazing rate of innovation in the IT world. This is true for both the private and business areas of our lives. At Flint, we deliver many technical training sessions every year and need to keep up with the very latest developments to ensure we stay one step ahead.

It is therefore logical that pushed by the accelerated speed of technological change, the profile of an engineer has had to transform at a similar rate. The evolution has been especially impacted by the increasing level of automation that modern devices and systems support.

A compromise between the tried & tested and the modern

Thousands of new ideas, initiatives and products daily emerge in an extremely dynamic IT sector; but only a handful of them would survive a real-world market test. On the other hand, customers often require a compromise between thoroughly verified, seamlessly performing solutions and cutting-edge products with the latest technology advancements.

With more conservative customers, there is a risk that what they finally implement may well be extremely well-tested, but slow and outdated. At the other end of the spectrum, the enthusiastic early adopters, eager to test the latest trends in the industry, might be disappointed by the quality, interoperability and customization challenges that may come with such a new product introduction.

To reduce the risk associated with implementing these new solutions customers are increasingly looking for them to be designed and implemented by someone who has already worked with the technology – and who better to do it than an engineer that has followed the development of the technology from the very beginning.

“The IT Engineer of today needs to have octopus-like abilities to understand a plethora of technologies. Curious and communicative, the IT engineers try out new technologies and destroy and fix things. They never stop learning but also question how things are done and if they can be done better. An engineer should not only be good at implementing customer requests but also be the voice of technical possibilities, understanding the customer’s business case and knowing when to communicate the current limitations of ideas and implementations.”  (Simon Špehar, Software Engineer and Instructor at Flint)
Flint’s unique engineering team

Flint’s engineers and coaches have in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of orchestration, centralized management and updating complex systems. They have witnessed how automation and orchestration platforms can reduce the complexity for the everyday user and enable very different and highly effective infrastructure management features.

The Flint team are fortunate to work directly with several leading automation vendors to gain early access to the very latest technology when creating and delivering training content. By utilizing this very same team on our professional services engagements we uniquely create a blend of academically advanced engineers with excellent practical and real-world experience. We believe this to be the secret sauce that the team can bring to our customers to reduce the risk and time associated with the introduction of new technology.

Tomorrow, all the IT engineers will need to learn at least some programming and understand traditional developer tools such as IDEs and Git. In the end, the market decides. Flint’s engineers are hands-on with it already.

Therefore, they are invaluable support for the customers with the most appropriate advice. And one of the coolest guys in the Flint team.

 So, if you are looking for professional advice, service and training when implementing new technologies  – do not hesitate to contact us!



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