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Although Flint South Africa is now approximately only four years in the making, it has made a significant impact within the local South African ICT market.

Flint SA was created to show the seriousness of Flint International not only offering its professional and managed services across the country but also showing its long-term commitment to South Africa and its growing economy by creating a full-blown Level 2 BBB-EE (Broad-based black economic empowerment) company.

Reaching Level 2 was a great achievement, and now Flint SA, in turn, helps their local business partners to help grow their BBB-EE commitment to this young and upcoming country. Flint SA is based in the prestigious Sandton suburb of Johannesburg and serves all sectors of the ICT industry. Globally, Flint specialises in high-end engineering projects and skills, serving both the Enterprise and Service Provider sectors.

Africa, and even more so South Africa, is experiencing a significant shortage of ICT engineering skills, and this is where Flint SA can help your company fulfil that skills gap. Through its strong local investment in SA, alongside the powerful backing of its global engineering team, we have the ability to plan, design, implement, operate and optimise most networking technologies out there today. These include data centres, cloud solutions, Software Defined Networks (SDNs), wireless and traditional routing and switching projects. Security and Cyber is a big focus as most companies are facing daily challenges in this domain, and Flint SA is there to partner with you.

Flint SA prides itself in mixing and upskilling local talent with the support of highly experienced global engineers – giving the end customer the best of both worlds and at local rates.

“South Africa is a fantastic vibrant mixture of cultures, languages, ages and abilities, but these all combine into one when we offer our services to our clients. Flint SA sees itself as a major contributor to the South African economy due to the ever so high-end networking skills that it delivers to the industry, which in turn keeps South Africa as the most significant economy across the continent of Africa”, says Martin Camp, Managing Directors Flint South Africa.

Flint SA works with a few of the biggest vendors in the world, such as Cisco, and as a local combined team, they deliver large projects to local industries. These projects include new and evolving data centers with new technologies such as ACI. Flint SA is also very instrumental in the country’s transformation project of installing a 5G core network to handle the upcoming 5G wireless networks that will help drive South Africa even further into the future. These 5G networks are also delivering IoT networks across the country. This combined with our growing software development teams focusing on DevNet and DevOps, is once again showing the value of Flint investing in the South Africa economy.

Flint South Africa’s Services

Professional Services and Managed Services

  • cyber services
  • SDN and DevNet and DNA
  • core/edge network optimisation
  • data centre, cloud networking and UCS
  • network migration for service providers and enterprises
  • agile project management

Learning and Content Development Services

  • content development for learning materials, remote/virtual (VILT) or in-person instructor-led trainings (ILT) and e-learning self-paced trainings
  • product awareness and adoption training
  • product training
  • partner enablement and mentored services

Flint SA (PTY) Ltd

The Ingress
Building 2, Ground Floor, Office 2A
23 Magwa Crescent
Waterfall City
South Africa

Phone: +27 76 419 75 26

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