Project Managers and their Work at Flint – Challenging and Rewarding

“Working as a project manager is both diverse and challenging, and what propels me forward is the satisfaction of delivering a high-end service or product to our clients – something we can truly take pride in. The positive feedback we receive from clients and the teams we collaborate with serves as a significant motivator,” according to Andreja Rutnik, an experienced project manager who oversees the daily smooth operation of a sizable scope of IT projects and ensures that the result is satisfactory for the client and the internal team.

Deadline guardians and skilled negotiators

Project Managers play a crucial role in all the steps of IT Project Development and their work requires a variety of skills, ranging from excellent organisational and technical skills to a good understanding of human psychology.

In addition to being swift communicators of information related to a particular project and firm defenders of the set deadlines and deliverables, effective project managers are also skilled negotiators and diplomatic intermediaries with all parties concerned. Ultimately, they will be the ones to meticulously log the hours worked and the progress into Jira, GitLab, or a comparable platform.

Andreja’s description of her daily work confirms it:

“A significant portion of my day revolves around coordinating with teams and developers, particularly regarding ongoing tasks and impending deadlines. Communication is primarily conducted through calls or messages on collaboration platforms like Teams. I ensure progress updates, assess needs, and establish timelines to align our collective efforts.”

Amid the operational tasks, Andreja also prioritizes the well-being of her team members. “A brief check-in allows me to gauge their workload and offer support if needed, transcending the purely professional aspects of our interactions,” she recounts.

The project management tool Jira is integral for Project Managers to monitor progress, as they can address any delays or challenges through systematic updates and promptly reach out to the customer’s team to streamline their collaborative efforts.

Challenges – clear communication and fine balance

Challenges are an integral part of the landscape as dealing with tight timelines and resource constraints is a common hurdle. The more complex a project, the higher the possibility for delays and project holds due to various factors. For me, transparent and honest communication – within the internal team and with the client – has always proven to be a key solution factor in these situations.

Navigating diverse cultures, particularly in regions with different dynamics and communication styles we are used to in our region, presents another set of challenges. As a Project Manager, my role is to find an optimal balance between delivering a great product within the pre-agreed timeline for our clients while ensuring our team’s resources are used wisely and optimally distributed across different projects.

Speaking of internal resources management, it is very important to prevent team overload, allowing sufficient time for optimal job performance, and ensuring a harmonious project flow with minimal interference in other projects. This includes facilitating clear communication about tasks and timelines and fostering an environment where team members feel comfortable bringing problems or issues to my attention.

To acknowledge the team’s efforts, I organize informal gatherings upon the successful completion of projects. It is an opportunity to celebrate achievements and recognize the challenges faced during tight deadlines (when there’s usually no time for debate or analysis).

Feelings of camaraderie, trust and respect within the team are built step by step daily and therefore I also try to spend at least a couple of minutes a day with a team in the form of informal gatherings – chatting over a morning coffee, going for lunch, or just passing by their offices for a quick hello. In any case, establishing and maintaining good relations with colleagues at Flint is not difficult, as everyone is open and friendly, which makes for a relaxed and positive atmosphere.

In essence, a project manager’s day unfolds not through rigid routines of managing emails, calls and orders, but through the collaborative fluidity of tasks. Each interaction, like a melody, contributes to the harmonious composition of the collective effort.

And as already mentioned, the greatest satisfaction comes when our clients are happy with our delivery and openly express their satisfaction. I find great joy in sharing compliments with the team whenever they come in because they must be aware that their hard work is truly valued and acknowledged.

At Flint, we look forward to using our expertise and resources to help you reach such a decision and successfully achieve your training goals.

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