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The right experience and competencies are crucial when addressing ICT projects. Through leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our seasoned management team and engineers, Flint Italy is ideally equipped to address customers’ challenges and support them in reaching their business goals.

Flint Italy provides its customers with specialised recruitment, professional services, and technical training. We listen carefully to our customers to understand their specific business needs and advise them on tactical and strategic solutions to address immediate resource gaps and plan for future growth.

Through our extensive network of specialised engineers, teams, and partners, we can provide our customers with the ‘hard-to-come-by’ skills and expertise they need. Our experience in the industry and deep technical knowledge enables us to find the ideal resources with the right knowledge, so they are able to hop on complex projects with minimal onboarding time.

“Our customers are looking to launch new services, drive their revenue, reduce cost, and enhance customer satisfaction, and to do that, they need specific skills and expertise. We provide them with strategic resources, project management, training, and content development – services they need to grow and scale. Our in-depth knowledge of the Italian market helps us understand the challenges our customers face. Our strong ecosystem of partners across Italy ensures we have an extended talent pools to draw from for our customers and we provide compliant solutions that align with Italian regulation”, emphasises Flavio Sticozzi, Managing Director of Flint Italy.

Flint Italy works closely with global networking solution and automation vendors to deliver services such as consult, use case creation, CI/DC optimisation and implementation, and content development in areas such as zero touch provisioning and software upgrade automation with large Service Providers.

Through our staff augmentation services, we supplement our customers’ operations teams to increasing efficiency and agility and reduce cost.

Flint’s involvement in all these vital business areas contributes to lowering operational costs for our clients and positively influences their company’s economic growth.

Flint Italy’s Services

Strategic Resourcing

  • managed teams
  • contingent staffing
  • permanent placement

Professional and Managed Services

  • project management
  • managed services scoping and sizing
  • project scoping
  • high-level design
  • low-level design
  • network configuration and migration for service providers and enterprises

Learning and Content Development Services

  • content development for learning materials, remote/virtual (VILT) or in-person instructor-led trainings (ILT) and e-learning self-paced trainings
  • product awareness and adoption training
  • product training
  • partner enablement and mentored services

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Meet the Flint Italy Team

Flavio Sticozzi_Managing Director Flint Italy

Flavio Sticozzi

Managing Director

Marta Drewnowska

Recruitment Specialist


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