Cisco and Nutanix Form a Global Strategic Partnership

Cisco with Nutanix Global Partnership

Cisco and Nutanix are teaming up in a big global partnership to help you adopt advanced hybrid cloud solutions easier and faster. They aim to offer a top-notch solution that simplifies how customers handle their systems, ensures maximum reliability, and speeds up IT changes. By combining Cisco’s Hyperconverged Compute with Nutanix, they want to make both infrastructure and application management quicker and more efficient, promising top-tier cloud operations, flexibility, and customer support.

Why Cisco and Nutanix?

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a data center setup that combines computing, networking, storage, and virtualization on one platform. This makes IT infrastructure more straightforward, more efficient, and quicker at deploying applications.

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) solution merges computing, storage, and networking from a server cluster into one system, making it strong, secure, efficient, and easy to manage. It lets organizations manage data and applications easily across different locations, such as data centers, edge, and cloud, without the usual complications and costs.

Simply put, Cisco has excellent hardware with UCS, and Nutanix has top-notch software. Cisco, recognizing the evolving market needs, decided to discontinue its HyperFlex service. However, this partnership helps them to keep offering superior hybrid cloud services. Nutanix, on the other hand, wants to grow in the market and become a top solutions provider. So, thanks to Cisco’s massive global footprint of loyal customers, there are endless possibilities for capturing more market share in the hybrid cloud and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) markets.

Cisco with Nutanix Datacenter

Cisco HyperFlex Is Being Discontinued

In 2023, Cisco announced that they’re stopping the sales of the Hyperflex platform. The last day to order it is March 12, 2024, and the last day of support is February 28, 2029. Instead, Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure is taking its place and is already available. You can get the whole package – Cisco UCS with Nutanix software – through Cisco. Read more here.

What Does This Mean for Existing Cisco HyperFlex Customers?

If you’re using Cisco HyperFlex with UCS M5 systems, nothing changes right away. You can still use your HyperFlex software, get support, and receive updates. However, the last version of VMware ESXi supported on HyperFlex is 8.0, and its end-of-life might lead to expensive support costs in 3 to 5 years. One way to deal with this might be to use your UCS M5 servers as standalone servers, keeping Cisco support if you have an active support contract.

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If you are using Cisco HyperFlex on UCS M6, you have several options. You can keep using Cisco HyperFlex until the hardware’s discontinuation in 2029, then repurpose the hardware or stop using it. Or, you can convert the hardware to standalone servers or switch to Nutanix HCI. Choosing Nutanix offers more than just HCI, including storage services, a self-service portal, ransomware protection, and complete data protection, bringing more value and innovation.

What Does This Mean for Cisco Partners?

Cisco partners are crucial in guiding customers through IT changes. With Cisco HyperFlex ending, partners need to inform their Cisco HyperFlex customers about their options, such as staying with HyperFlex, switching to standalone servers, or Nutanix HCI. Cisco partners should actively help their customers make a smooth transition, finding the best migration path for each customer’s situation. Now, partners can also offer Nutanix solutions through Cisco’s Global Price List, even if they’re not Nutanix partners. This opens up more business opportunities in the market.

With Broadcom buying VMware, the cost of vSphere products has increased a lot – up to sevenfold. Nutanix is more flexible, supporting both VMware ESXi and its own hypervisor – Nutanix AHV, which can be more cost-effective.

Buying Nutanix through Cisco simplifies the buying process, often leading to better discounts on Cisco hardware. When you buy Nutanix software through Cisco, you can still enjoy the benefits of being a Nutanix partner. This includes access to advanced technology and better support. If there’s a problem, opening a support case with Cisco automatically links to Nutanix, ensuring coordinated problem-solving and best-in-class tech support.

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