Project Manager

The role consists in supporting the Talent Team to implement a new skills intelligence platform that supports our Talent-First organization strategy. The project is two-fold:

  • Technical: implementation and testing of a tool in Pilot (2024)
  • Mindset/Change: building a talent-first mindset, with skills as a lever, within Kering in 2024 – making our strategy understandable and appealing from an employee and manager’s standpoint (This is the most challenging part). Making sure o the adoption of the tool among the target group o employees.

Desired skills

  • Excellent project management skills: the PM should be able to track what/who/when/how, with multiple stakeholders from different expertises and teams
  • Capacity to simplify and synthetize complex topics → the PM should be able to break a problem into smaller, simpler topics that can be solved easily; and also to pace the problem solving so that it is brought in time without overwhelming the different teams
  • Excellent written and oral communication in English and capacity to build trust rapidly
  • Flexibility, organization and structure
  • Team spirit and capacity to support on topics out of job description

PROJECT PHASING (High level and indicative)

PHASE 1: Start (January)
  • Refine with vendor project workload impact and timeline, share corresponding work plan to each House
  • Calibrate change plan with Change Lead and coordinate with different HR Domains
  • Participation : pre-kick off session
  • Organize meetings to track progress:
    • Weeklies with Houses
    • Bi-weeklies with other HR Domains
    • Workshops when relevant with different stake holders
  • Work with vendor on first steps of projects: data collection, high level calibration. This includes calibrating inputs expected from Houses’ contributors (what and when)
  • Organize with core team review of key touch points in Talent journey to build a coherent approach, align on key Group guidelines to be communicated with Houses
  • Consolidate project documentation and do a first review on all outputs to challenge content before submitting to Sponsor
PHASE 2: Design (February-March)
  •  Pace the input collection from Houses
  • Act as a key point of contact for Houses on the project and answer first-level questions
  • Organize/prepare design sessions with Houses, in coordination with Core Team Experts (TA/TM/Change)
  • Consolidate adjusted TA & TM principles based on feedbacks & arbitration with vendor and Houses
  • Monitor change plan advancement, especially learning and communication, working in close relationship with Comms and Learning teams
PHASE 3: Test (April-May)
  • With Test Lead, calibrate the test plan and define understandable requirements for test population
    identification based on pilot requirements and feedback from vendor
  • Consolidate feedback from:
    • Test lead
    • TA expert
    • TM expert
  • And make sure they are passed on to 1) HR tech, 2) Kering Tech, 3) vendor
  • Organise with Tech Lead a backlog of needs for adjustments and communicate it to the vendor + follow up on progress
  • Manage calendar and deadline
PHASE 4: Launch (June)
  • Prepare and Participate Global Kick off session
  • Co-Define the adoption KPIs to be collected and collect it
  • Collect qualitative iterative feedback from the populations progressively deployed
PHASE 5: Live (July-December)
  • Track progress of adoption vs target adoption
  • Make sure all adoption actions are delivered in time and budget
  • Consolidate feedback and coordinate with vendors on improvements on a regular basis (frequency tbc)
  • Provide fact-based feedback to project Sponsor to be used for go/no-go decision on global roll-out
    in 2025

Location: Milan, Italy / Hybrid

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